I enjoy reading Jeffery Friedberg’s tales of the wild adventures of his main character PI Jack Vane. Jack has a knack for finding himself in hot water. A good introduction to the world of Jack and his travails is Red White And Dead and Red White And Dead Again. There always seems to be someone gunning for Jack. He is a man with few friends and lots of enemies, but he is too valuable to kill.

While I have never met Jeffrey Friedberg But I certainly have talked with him, and I can say that he is darn near as entertaining as his character Jack Vane. He is a man with strong views on just about every subject you can think of. I watched the author hone his craft, each book has represented a new facet of style. Kill The Media is no exception. In fact it caught me off guard. I was expecting another action/adventure romp, but found something very different.

Kill The Media is a hugely political and cynical book. With the elections a mere four weeks away the timing could not be better. Jeffrey Friedberg uses Kill The Media to produce a biting synopsis of current events. He has changed the names, but the characters are easy to identify.

At 127 pages Kill The Media is hardly a major read, but the author manages to cover a great deal of ground.

There is little doubt that President Obama and Vice President Biden have little use for Fox News, or that the challenges Romney and Ryan have MSNBC on their Christmas card list. Author Jeffrey Friedberg makes Fox and MSNBC look like babes in arms!

This is a brutal book, I could not stop laughing. He takes no prisoners, and has a glorious way of vilifying everyone. The one thing I know about Mr. Friedberg is that rarely does he create a truly fictional character, he much prefers to torture the living. And he is damn good at it! I know this from personal experience!

So what is Kill The Media all about?

Jack Vane once again finds himself broke, his last adventure Read White And Dead Again ended with his Quonset Hut Mansion being destroyed. At the request of Yaakov Irgun casino and hotel owner Don Yazzi offers free room and board.

But of course there is no free lunch! It is only a matter of time before ‘favors’ are called in. No one likes Jack, but when you need a problem fixed, well he is the go-to guy. The problem this time is a little different, someone is out to kill well known members of the media, and all indications are that it is Jack Vane.

Suddenly he has more ‘friends’ than he knows what to do with. Everyone wants a piece of Jack!

I don’t usually include spoilers in my reviews, but I will make an exception, Jack didn’t do it.

Kill The Media is a snapshot in time. It is clear that Jeffrey Friedberg has reservations about the role of the press, I share them. November is almost here, the race for the worlds most exclusive hotel suite (the White House) is at fever pitch. This book is a great read that dovetails into the nonsense that we see on our TV’s everyday.

Simon Barrett

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