Don’t let the strange cover of this one turn you away from a good read. Unlike the covers of the other short story e-books by Lawrence Block that I have read, this cover featuring two dogs with one on the couch and the other one standing makes absolutely no sense to this reader. Of course, when you are Lawrence Block, covers probably don’t matter at all.


Keller is in therapy as this one opens relating a dream he says he had to Dr. Jerrold Breen. The dream may mean nothing or it could be very symbolic according to the doctor. As he discusses the dream further with Keller, he finds the dream very symbolic as he does the name Keller is going by – Peter Stone.


Why Keller/Peter Stone is going to therapy is just one of the many questions gradually answered in this complicated tale set in New York City. The answer will take some time as the therapy continues with a couple of interruptions for Keller’s work as a murder for hire gunman. Keller is a complicated character as is this story originally published in 1993.


Keller’s Therapy

Lawrence Block


February 2013




32 Pages



Material was picked up during the author’s recent free book promotion.



Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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