kk.jpgMike Hoover certainly is an interesting guy, he is someone that I would enjoy sitting down and having a couple of beers with. The book business is a brutal one, with something like 300,000 new titles released in North America every year, to to get your book noticed is a challenge. Sending copies blind to reviewers is a waste of books and postage, mass press releases do not work either, there are too many of them. The most successful method is to target specific reviewers with a personalized email. But even then you need a hook. Mike’s hook was to include a link to a YouTube segment of him milking a cow! Now who could resist such a strange approach!

Mike explained that he has a new book out, but to review it in context I should really read his first book. So I launched myself into Kanook Kibbutznick.

While claiming the novel is not an autobiography, he also points out that the book is based on actual events. All I can say is that Mike Hoover has led one hell of an interesting life. I think it would be fair to describe the young hero of Kanook Kibbutznick, Mike as a rambunctious child, one with a unique ability to find trouble while in search of the absolute opposite. In the young mind of Mike all wrongs needed to be righted, alas on occasion the ‘righting’ caused considerable pain for all involved, particularly the hapless Mike. I suspect that Mike Hoovers description of the hero’s early life may well have its roots in Mike Hoover’s own ๐Ÿ™‚ but that is only a wild guess.

img_1463.JPGAt the grand old age of 17 our illustrious Canadian hero crossed the border and signed up to help with the Vietnam war. Actually he was hardly alone, the history books have it that some 30,000 Canadians volunteered. Odd really, as young US men were heading North in droves to avoid the draft, brave young men like Mike were heading south. His first crack at joining up was with the army, but due to a minor legal issue with him being on probation, the army nixed that idea, the marines on the other hand had no qualms whatsoever. Overnight Mike becomes Kanook, a nickname that will last a lifetime.

Vietnam bound Kanook starts to see the world in a different light. Injured, recovered, Kanook re-ups with a different outfit, injured once again, his war days are over, and it is back to Canada. The problem is, Kanook enjoys the killing, the thrill of the hunt, the moment of reckoning. Canada is too tame, too pedestrian, too mundane. The solution, for Kanook, is to get an education, he qualifies for the G.I. bill, and intends to make the best of it. Of course the banality of the classroom when compared to the adrenalin rush of war leaves Kanook dissatisfied and frustrated.

He hears a stiring speech from Israeli leader Golda Meir, and his next move is clear. He must go to the assistance of the Israelis.

To share more of the plot of this wonderful tale of slightly psychotic behavior would spoil the read. But I will whet your appetite, if Vietnam was a bad move, Israel was worse, much worse! Think Mossad!

Kanook Kibbutznick runs at 100mph from the opening page, if you are looking for a high action thriller this one is a must read. This is Mike Hoovers first excursion into the literary world, and I for one am most impressed. He has that story telling gene, it just leaps out at you. I do not know much about Mike Hoover, but plan on rectifying that in the next week or so by interviewing this renegade British Colombian farmer. He has also just published a second novel Kanook II รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Without Fear, this book picks up a few years after Kanook Kibbutznick, and that review will be published shortly.

Mike has a web site www.kanookkibbutznick.com that makes for interesting reading, and the book can be ordered via Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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