front-cover_kanook_ii.jpgMike Hoover’s first book Kanook Kibbutznick left our hero Kanook out of a job, but with money in the bank, and his life. Towards the end of book one Kanook’s chances of life, liberty, and prosperity looked pretty harrowing. Our Fidei Defensor (Fid Def on British coins) that’s Latin for Defender Of The Faith for those of you that did not take Latin in school. Kanook managed to wriggle out of his major, and potentially life shortening problems. Rather than killing Kanook, the Mossad feathered his nest, and even gave him some potential job leads.

Kanook II picks up the thread some years later, Kanook is relatively rich and living in Panama. Little by little we catch up with the life and times of the crazy Kanook. Apparently after his stint in Quebec with his Mossad friends he had indeed taken them up on one of the employment opportunities. A teaching job in Panama, no it was not an ESL (English as a Second Language) position! It was teaching the military the fine art of killing. A subject near and dear to Kanook’s heart. He even managed to locate a small but equally unhinged group of assistants.

Alas the political climate changed and Kanook entered the long middle age of the grounded soldier. Living in relative luxury in Panama City, Kanook is just biding his time waiting for that next big opportunity.

back-cover_kanook_ii.jpgThe opportunity comes by way of a strange and clearly well heeled American. The offer? This American wishes to transport a large amount of marijuana from Thailand via boat, he needs a boat, and a crew. Kanook is not convinced that the American is all he seems, and using his seedy contacts manages to get hold of the DEA file on him, the file bears out the story, he is a well known drug smuggler. But is this all cover, is there more to this American?

Kanook has one ace left up his sleeve, his good old buddies at the Mossad. Sure enough, there is more to the money man than meets the eye, he is a deep cover CIA agent. But what possible reason would the CIA have in transporting 50 tons of dope around the globe?

The game is on. Kanook is a problem looking for a place to happen, it is his forte! With the Mossad pushing and the CIA pulling, we launch into a wild ride.

Mike Hoover has once again written a fine high adventure novel. It rattles along faster than a Japanese Bullet train. In fact I have a suggestion for Mike, I believe the covers of his books should come with a warning label, something like ‘Please ensure that your seat belts are fastened and your tray tables are in the upright and locked position before opening this book’.

Kanook II – Without Fear is the ideal book to take with on a plane trip or vacation, it is well written, and written to entertain. High adventure is a pretty hard genre to pull off well. There is a fine balance between the real and the ridiculous. Mike knows how to keep that balance, how to walk the fine line.

I suspect that we are going to be hearing more about this up and coming Canadian author. If he keeps writing books to the standard of Kanook Kibbutznick (read review) and Kanook II – Without Fear he is going to carve out a real niche for himself.

Be the first on your block to get your hands on these ripping yarns.

Kanook II is so new that it is not even available on Amazon yet, but you can order your copy direct from the ‘horses mouth’, just drop Mike a line at (oh and tell him Simon sent you!). Though to get the full Kanook experience I strongly suggest that you try Kanook Kibutznick first.

Mike Hoover also has a web site

I am hot on the trail of getting an interview with this guy. As the TV news folks like to say ‘watch this space’. Well I am hoping to lure Mike onto Internet radio, clearly I will need bait. But what? I am myself a Canadian (although not born there) I know Canadians, please don’t tell Mike this, but I am going to offer him virtual beer. I can’t think of a Canadian that would turn down a ‘Cold One’. Of course Internet beer is not like the real thing, but he may go for it.

Great book, as a reviewer I do not give our stars, but if I did, this one would get five out of five.

Simon Barrett

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