I am sure that I was in the majority, expressing shock and horror when the jury of the O. J. Simpson criminal trial returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Although in hindsight I should not have been surprised, the trial that disintegrated into a media circus with judge Lance Ito playing the role of Ringmaster.

When you look back it becomes clear that no one won. O.J. may have been found ‘not guilty’, but in the court of common sense most felt this was an insane decision, and to this day his reputation is forever tarnished. The prosecution and the LAPD certainly did not win, careers were ruined, lives were changed. The so called ‘Dream Team’ claimed victory, but it was a hollow victory, one based on sleight of hand. They manipulated the case, moving it from a brutal and senseless double murder, to a case about Police corruption, evidence handling ineptitude or even evidence tampering, confusing DNA science, and my personal favorite, the race card.

The only people that could be declared ‘winners’ were he media, the trial was heaven on earth for some outlets, a free soap opera running most days of the week, and a colorful and star studded cast. However even the media lost, most viewers and readers were sick of the story.

The ‘not guilty’ verdict hurt the Goldman family the most of all. They had lost a son needlessly, a son who’s only mistake was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Goldman’s were bitter, and rightly so, the much touted American justice system had abandoned them, in their mind a killer had walked free. They did however have one avenue left, the civil courts, most specifically a wrongful death suit. But how does a perfectly ordinary middle class family finance a case against a multi millionaire? One who has the legal equivalent of the magicians ‘Magic Circle’ behind him? Well the short answer is, it was a challenge, but they did it, and as we all know they won the case.

Which brings us to Justice Defeated by Steven Adler. In an Email exchange following an interview that I did with Fred and Kim Goldman, Steven Adler informed me that I had it all wrong about O.J. “He is innocent” Mr. Adler informed me, and I needed to read Justice Defeated which contained the conclusive proof. With the ‘ill fitting glove’, oops I mean gauntlet thrown down, I agreed to read and review it.

Lets start with the technical aspects, Justice Defeated is conclusive proof that engaging the services of a professional editor is worth every penny. The version that I received was riddles with typos and poor english. Mr. Adler has informed me that he has now fixed them. Oh the joys of Print On Demand (POD) I say sarcastically.

One of my favorite literary games is to read a number of different books about the same ‘factual’ event, every single one has a bias, as the saying goes ‘there are three versions of what happened, yours, mine, and the truth’. with the truth laying somewhere in the middle. Authors frequently disagree with each other, but one common factor is professional courtesy when discussing another authors viewpoint. You may not agree with something they say, but you are polite.

Page after boring page Mr. Adler lays into Daniel Petrocelli in a most personal manner. The aspect that I found most offensive and unprofessional was the references to Mr. Petrocelli as: Dan, Danny, ol’ Dan, Danny Boy, Mr. P, etc. I was mortified by this lack of common courtesy. According to Mr. Adler both Daniel Petrocelli and Fred Goldman were nothing more than gold diggers.

Normally when I get a ‘stinker’ of a book I put it in a dark corner and pretend it does not exist. I have a theory that 99% of authors give their heart and soul to create their book. Yes, some make mistakes, but they are proud of their work, in many ways it is their child. I prefer to stay quiet rather than castigate them in public. Justice Defeated though is cut from a different cloth, it deserves to be ridiculed. If Mr. Adler ever expects to get published through a traditional house, I would strongly recommend that he leave Justice Defeated off his resume.

I may be just a reviewer, and my words may have little or no impact on the success or failure of a project, but I take my role seriously. Unlike Steven Adler I did contact the ‘primary source’ of this childish diatribe. Daniel Petrocelli was polite and to the point “Never heard of the guy, never heard of the book”. I asked myself how can you perform a character assassination without even talking to the victim? It is beyond my comprehension.

I am waiting for Fred Goldman’s comments, and if I know know Fred, they will be pointed!

In the unlikely event that you would want buy this badly crafted work, you can get it from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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