For most folks it was a calm Tuesday in Magnolia Parrish in southern Louisiana. For a few others, such as the unlucky folks who worked at the First Gold Bank it has been an hour plus of sheer terror on this mid-August day. A man walked in, robbed the place, and then attempted to leave only to be stopped by the first police officer dispatched to the scene as a result of a teller hitting the silent alarm. The bank robber fired a shot at the officer and missed before retreating back into the bank and taking hostages. Sergeant London Carter, a sniper, and the rest of his team from the Magnolia Parrish Sheriff’s Office are tasked with dealing with the suspect and saving as many lives as possible.

During the course of the operation one of their own is killed to the shock and horror of nearly every officer on scene. In the aftermath of the officer involved shooting Internal Affairs Lieutenant Bethany Riggs is brought into the lead the investigation into what happened. Was the death of Captain Landry a result of an accidental discharge by one of the snipers or was he killed by somebody else?

Answering that question leads to a far bigger mystery in the new and very intense read James 516 by B. J. Bourg. Well known for his short stories and nonfiction work, this novel published by Amber Quill Press features complicated characters, plenty of action, and a mystery that works well from start to finish. The book opens in the thick of the action quickly grabbing the reader’s attention with a complicated mystery, a romantic angle, an outside threat, along with several other ingredients. The author skillfully keeps the reader tightly focused into the book as he gradually ratchets up the tension to the final page. The book is compelling and intense from start to finish and one heck of a read.

James 516
BJ Bourg
Amber Quill Press
December 2014
ISBN 978-1-61124-711-4
Print (E-Book available)
248 Pages

E-book supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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