Told through rhyme by animals, this charming book gently encourages the young reader to be happy being “me.” This is done by imagining different animal combinations. For example, the rabbit thinks that being a turtle would be great because of having the house on the back, taking naps in the sun, and diving for dinner. On the opposite page, the turtle thinks the rabbit has it made because if he was a rabbit he could run fast, hopping would be fun and the fur would be warm. When the reader turns the page, the reader discovers what the combination of the animals would be. In this case, the creatures realize they would become a “Rabburtle” and the combination of the rabbit and turtle wouldn’t work at all because the ears would stick out of the shell during a nap and it couldn’t get up off its back.

The same idea continues with the crocodile and kangaroo which becomes the combination animal “Crocaroo.” Many of the combinations are amusing such as the “Butterbear” (a bear with butterfly wings), the Peafrog” (part peacock and part frog) and others. Eventually all the creatures involved aren’t happy and now agree that “being the ‘me’ they were in every way” is the way to be.

This is a simple lighthearted read that is charming and fun while teaching a wonderful and supportive life lesson. David Byrne’s illustrations are a nice touch to a text that flows and is easily understood by readers of all ages. The result is a wonderful beginning reader that young children and the adults in their lives will love and treasure.

It’s Best To Be “Me”

Written by Salvatore Puglisi

Illustrated by David Byrne

BookSurge Publishing (division of Amazon, Inc.)


ISBN# 1-4196-8330-6


36 Pages


Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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