Why Every Other Driver Doesn’t Seem To Have A Clue

Oh, we have all done it. Some person causes us grief, a motorist stalls at an intersection, the light is green, but you miss it! Forced to wait for the lights to recycle, you silently utter curses, you beep the horn, you may even demonstrate the amazing dexterity of your middle finger. None of these things help, but it certainly succeeds in doing two things, you get to vent your anger, and secondly it increases your tension level.

How’s My Driving
is an interesting book, and maybe it should be required reading for every Drivers Ed class. In fact it should be required reading for every driver. I learned years ago that drivers are irrational, they are fine human beings, they amuse you at party’s, you invite them to your home for dinner. Drivers are everywhere. Alas when they ‘strap’ themselves in to their own personal version of a space rocket they tend to lose some of their charm.

Steve Dziadik (pronounced Jadzik, I asked him 🙂 ) has produced a multi faceted work. In part it is his biography, he started to drive 56 years ago! Oh, sure it was not quite legal, he was 7 years old, but, he was in the country, there was little traffic, and his sole mission was to pick up the Sunday newspaper from the mail box a half mile from his home. His father watched his every move, there was little opportunity for Steve to engage in any ‘bad things’.

Of course once he actually had a license that would change.

I think it would be fair to say that Steve Dziadik started off life as not the safest driver in the world. In fact his escapades made my blood run cold. His pregnant wife lost the child due to a car crash. In fact both he and his wife were very lucky to live.

How’s Your Driving is not so much a ‘how to’ book, but rather a thoughtful reflection on the whole subject of driving, and the mind set that people need to use. Alas that is not the same mind set that people use in almost every other aspect of their lives.

The book is written with a good deal of humor injected into it, but the humor is dark, and meant to instill thought rather than laughter. There is little about death or disability that anyone should laugh about.

A very serious part of the book concerns insurance. It is a subject that few of us consider, other than paying the lowest price. That low price may represent low results when the inevitable happens. I have a friend, he was part of a three man crew when I used to race sail boats. A silly sport for sure, but one that I did, and indeed still do enjoy. His favorite trick when we were in a ‘give way’ situation was to shout at the skipper of the other boat ‘NO INSURANCE’, 99 times out of 100 the other boat would change course. Needless to say we had several winning series!

The sail boats that I raced had a maximum speed that the average jogger could beat! But it does not take a lot of speed to create havoc. While we occasionally did make contact with our opposition, it tended to be at a pace much slower than an octogenarian with a walker climbing up a mountain! 4000 pounds of metal hurtling along at 70 miles an hour is a whole different kettle of fish. We have a lethal weapon!

I have digressed, back to insurance. That ‘must have’ devil that often seems like a complete waste of money. He asks the question, how many people actually understand what they are paying for? The quick answer is very few. Must people care only about two things, the monthly cost, and the deductible in the case of an accident. This is a big mistake, there are many variables that should be understood and considered when selecting a policy. The two chapters on Insurance 101 are reasons enough to warrant buying this book.

Much of the advice that Steve offers does indeed fall under the category of common sense, however as he aptly points out, on occasions it is anything but common.
How’s My Driving is well worth reading, I certainly think that parents would be wise to get a copy for their learner driver children, and likely will get much insight by reading it themselves.

The cover art alone is educational, the wrecked car is one of Steve’s earlier adventures.

You can order your copy by clicking on the Amazon Link.

Simon Barrett

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