How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What's Left of Your CareerSo you’ve been setting yourself up for failure your whole life and you just can’t seem to pull the trigger? Jason Seiden is here to help you out. In this cleverly tongue-in-cheek little book, the professional coach turned professor turned author offers helpful advice on how to destroy whatever kind of future you might have in your current career, all with a sarcastically raised eyebrow. Consider him the Stephen Colbert of the business self-help section.

With rounded edges, a strikingly bright cover and deceptively simplistic clip art illustrations, How to Self-Destruct catches the imagination before even being opened. But, once opened, readers beware, you may find yourself sucked in. “It’s like TV, only on paper.” Seiden quips in the introduction. And he’s right. With short chapters and Seiden’s elegantly terse writing style, it’s easy to fly through these pages. Each section of the book is dedicated to a specific arena of life, from “Crossing the Ethical Line” to “Squandering Your Money.” There’s enough information and advice in here for even the most successful executive to fall flat on their face, or as Seiden calls it in his section entiteld “Running Amok in Middle Management”, to “go Skilling” (refering to Enron executive Jeffrey Skilling’s momentous fall from grace).

And although each chapter does offer a great deal of humor and snarkiness, there is also some very relevant information on display here. At the end of each discussion of what to do in order to fail is an equally humorous breakdown of what to do in order to succeed. (Of course, Seiden has these pages colored red to remind readers that this is all bad information for “masochistic successs seekers”). Ultimately, and keep this on the down-low, Seiden’s book is designed to motivate and encourage people in all walks of life, but especially in the business world. He offers candid tips on cutting through the red tape of the business world and friendly advice on how to deal with the political and the ambiguous things that haunt every workplace. If you don’t finish the book feeling positive and inspired, you probably really do need to find a book on how to self-destruct.

Zach’s Rating: A
Perfect For: People who are tired of always accomplishing so much with their lives
Stay Away if: You are already a hardcore failure… actually don’t stay away, this book will only boost your ego

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