The other day I was on the phone and my wife walked into the room, she listened to what I was talking about and mouthed the words ‘Who is that?’, I put my hand over the phone pick-up and replied “Just a mobster”. With that answer she was fine and switched the TV to the Young And The Restless. This might sound like an outlandish and unbelievable story, but unfortunately it is true! I know a very interesting group of people, Jan swears that I act like a magnet to finding trouble. I don’t, it just seems to find me.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a great book by D. Alan Johnson. Asgaard is a novel set in Africa and explores the often tenuous relationships between the US government, Private Military Contractors and foreign Governments and despot leaders. Asgaard was clearly written by someone that understood the lay of the land, this was no armchair quarterback hack job.

Being a book reviewer has very few perks, the hours are lousy, and the eyeballs take a beating. But, it also has its rewards, it provides me access to the author that maybe the average reader does not have. In fact, one of the reasons for seeking out this strange nomadic existence of Simon V The Book on the front porch was exactly that. From my earliest years I have been a reader, and I was always frustrated when I reached the end of a book. There were questions left unanswered. At the age of 8 or 9 I really wanted to talk to Enid Blighton about the Famous Five 🙂

OK, enough of my ramblings. I read Asgaard and I liked it, I interviewed D. Alan Johnson and learned a great deal about him. While Asgaard is pure fiction it is written by someone that actually is a PMC (Private Military Contractor). He is a pilot by trade, and has worked for just about every three letter US government organization you can name (and probably some that you can not). He entered this career in 1988 and was involved with the Iran-Contra operation, he was also a pilot for the well known ‘commercial’ airline Air America. He prefers to keep his current contract out of the limelight, but you can rest assured it is not crop dusting in rural Iowa. I am sure that once this tour of duty ends he will be more open about his mission.

It turns out that D. Alan Johnson does have another book out How To Get A Job In The War On Terrorism. This handy little book is not a Dummies Guide To Getting A Job As An Airport Security Guard, this is the real meal deal.

Before you all get excited about starting a new career in a far off place there are some basic requirements for most of the jobs. A Military background is a real asset. Also being prepared to spend a month or more at a time living in a situation that makes Motel 6 look like a luxury resort will be needed. Oh, and of course there is always the chance that not everyone is going to welcome you with open arms, some might just open up their ‘arms’ in your direction!

How To Get A Job In The War On Terrorism is actually two books for the price of one, it certainly is a clear and concise guide to the world of being a Private Military Contractor and it also contains a who’s who of companies in the business. D. Alan Johnson also takes us ‘behind the scenes’, with a series of anecdotes from some of his adventures.

I think I will keep my relativity safe job of hanging out with ex-mobsters, bounty hunters, and other interesting folks. Being a PMC just doesn’t seem like the career for me.

How To Get A Job In The War On Terrorism can be ordered from Amazon or from his web site.

Simon Barrett

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