How to Buy a Car & Win! Inside Information & Secrets You Need to Know When Buying a Car From a Dealership.

Last time I bought a car I left the dealership feeling like somebody had beat me up. I went in with a certain car in mind – a Chevy Impala – and actually drove home in a Ford Explorer. My payment was about $150 a month more than I was planning and I bought extras that later I felt I didn’t need. I ended up feeling like I had been pressured into buying by a pushy salesman. I spent over 6 hours in the place and promised myself never again.

Last month marks six years since I bought my trusty, but thirsty Ford Explorer. It now has over 125,000 miles on it and with gas prices pushing $4 a gallon I decided it was time for a little more efficiency. Determined not to be bullied by some salesman again, I decided to prepare myself this time. After a quick search on Amazon, I found the ebook “How to Buy a Car & Win!” by John F. Franklin.

The book was a little more expensive at $2.99 than some of the other ebooks on the subject of buying cars, but I liked the fact that it contained everything under one cover. I wanted to know everything about buying a car from a dealer and this book had what I wanted. It is a substantial read at 65 pages long and there’s a lot here for the money.

The author Franklin covers all aspects of car buying – even how to find a good sales person among the bullies – he says they are out there believe it or not! Actually I know they are because I followed his advice and found one in the internet department of my local Honda dealer. I also followed the advice in the chapter on leasing and ended up getting a great lease deal on a new Honda Civic that has cut my gas bill in half I’m happy to say.

Franklin presents his information in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. I thought the subject would be dry – sort of like studying geometry – you had to learn it but you really didn’t want to – but it wasn’t that way it all. I enjoyed learning what I needed to know. And the best thing is that what he writes works. I knew what was happening when I was at the dealership this time and felt confident the whole 1.5 hours I was there. I went in and signed everything, went over the car with my salesman, and happily left. I completely avoided the usual dealership song-and-dance and got a great deal on the car I wanted. No buyer’s remorse this time!

I do have to say that the chapter on leasing was a bit long and convoluted, but overall this book is a huge help to the car buyer.

Mike Johnson

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