Who spies on the spies? That was the question that John LeCarre posed in one of his early novels. It is a good question. A very timely question in this day and age.

Using that same line of reasoning, one could ask who governs the government? Suposedly it is the people. We vote them into office, so they are accountable to us? Right?

Well that may not be exactly the way it works. Politicians are not always exactly what they claim to be. The current crop of wannabes are probably no exception.

In Homeland Insecurity Turchie and Puckett explore the past, but don’t be fooled, much of the past has great bearing on the present, and the future.

It should come as no jolt to anyone that the FBI and whoever happens to be currently lodging in the Whitehouse at the time, do not see eye to eye. Terry and Kathleen were long time FBI employees, and instrumental in bringing the Unabomber and Eric Rudolf to justice. They are also sharper than a Henkel knife. Actually that is a good analogy, Turchie and Puckett manage to carve up a good deal of pork with this book.

With the precision of a surgeon and the markmanship of a sniper the authors peel away the wrapping surrounding some of our most famous leaders both past and present. What we find laying under the the public vaneer are some pretty ugly facts. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a partisan book whose timing is set to coincide with Novembers election. Turchie and Puckett have no political affiliations, in their eyes both Republicans and Democrats are equally guilty as charged.

So who gets roasted? Well Bill Clinton and Al Gore certainly come under fire, as does the George W and possibly the most secretive and manipulative Vice President in living memory, Dick Cheney! But these are merely bit players in this poker game.

In reading this book certain pieces of the political jigsaw puzzle started to make sense. Without doubt the most important political event in the past 50 years was the atrocity carried out on Sept 11. This created an almost ideal environment for our politicians to further their own needs. Much has been made of the need to secure our borders from further attack, however when you actually look at the actions taken in this direction, you discover that much of the work is subterfuge to reign in what Washington considers renegade groups like the FBI.

To paraphrase Turchie and Puckett, ‘Maybe the only thing that Clinton and Bush agree on is the need to muzzle the FBI‘. The events of 9/11 have permitted the politicians to become above the law. Now, accountable to no-one, they are free to build their ‘bridges to nowhere’ in peace.

I will admit that I am an apolitical person, my theory is that they are all a bunch of crooks, so Homeland Insecurity is my kind of book, and I enjoyed it immensly. This is a book that deserves a spot on the NYT bestseller list.

I’ll share a secret with you, I actually had this book in my hot little hands some time ago, but agreed not to publish the review untill release date, and it has been eating me alive! I couldn’t wait to rave about it. Take my advice, go straight to History Publishing and get your own copy. Tell them Simon sent you!

I am hoping to interview Terry Turchie in the very near future, so stay tuned, there is still more to come on Homeland Insecurity.

Simon Barrett


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