Basic Things You’ve Always Wanted To Know – Volume One

It seems that a new ‘tell all’ book about a Hollywood celeb comes out  every 30 seconds. But are they worth reading? For the most part the answer would be a resounding NO. Who cares if actress X slept with actor Y? It is their business, not mine. Who cares if actress X is in rehab? Or actor Y is seen at the local McDonalds, not me!  I believe that everyone deserves some privacy and respect.

Sati Achath has taken a different approach to talking about the rich and famous of Hollywood. Instead of playing in the murky pond of she said, he said, that the tabloid journalists love to wallow in, the author presents straight factual biographic information.

Sati is also a very accomplished illustrator and each person profiled has a delightful head shot caricature to accompany the text. It is a true skill to be able to create an instantly recognizable likeness with a simple drawing.

As an experiment I used my wife as a Guinea pig, I showed her only the pictures, no text, and she scored a perfect 100%.

Very much Sati Achath has kept firmly to Hollywoods ‘A List’ in this book, which is the first of three planned volumes  on Hollywood stars.

Hollywood Celebrities is not a difficult read. Everything is in bite sized chunks. It is not a book that you have to read from cover to cover in a single sitting, although at a slim 65 pages you can certainly do that with ease. You can pick this book up whenever you have a couple of minutes of spare time and learn some interesting information about a Hollywood great while marveling at the fabulous caricature  then return to whatever it was that you were doing before.

A great example of this book is his exploration of William Bradley Pitt. Better known as Brad Pitt.

Along with some basic factual information we also get to learn some wonderful trivia. I for one was blissfully unaware that his very first job was to dance in a Chicken Suit outside of a El Pollo Loco fast food restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Clearly Brad Pitt’s career has moved on since those early days.

I enjoyed Hollywood Celebrities. While I am by no means an avid follower of the Red Carpet crowd this book is a rather interesting glimpse into the world of the famous. With Christmas knocking on the door, Hollywood Celebrities would make the perfect gift for any movie lover on your list.

It is available from Amazon, just use the link above.

There is one suggestion that I have for Sati Achath, the caricatures are  so good that he should offer them as prints that could be framed. They genuinely are works of true art.

I also recommend that you visit the authors web site

Simon Barrett

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