As a frequent knee pain sufferer who doesn’t want surgery, I am always on the lookout at my local library for new books on the subject. When I saw this one in the New Arrivals section, I grabbed it and took it home. Written by a surgeon, this informative and easy to use book covers the treatment and reconstruction regarding the knee and the hip. Broken into four parts, this book teaches the reader general info regarding joints and surgical options as well as the procedures and expected results.

The sixty-seven paged Part One is composed of chapters covering the hip. Through various drawings and illustrations, the basic functionality of the hip is explained before delving into various issues. Topics regarding non surgical as well as surgical treatments are covered along with short chapters regarding home exercises and life after hip replacement.

Part Two is nearly sixty pages and covers the knee in detail. After opening with an explanation of the knee and how it is supposed to work; the section covers the various problems and treatments. Non surgical as well as surgical options up to and including total knee replacement is covered along with home exercises and life after knee replacement sections.

That leads into Part Three which is a general knowledge section titled “Before & After Joint Replacement Surgery.” This nearly sixty paged section covers everything from initial diagnosis, to contemplating surgery, to having surgery, to what you will experience the month after surgery. This is a good section regardless of what surgical procedure you or a loved one may have because a lot of the info here crosses over into other areas.

Part 4 covers what happens when the surgeon has to go in and do it again either due to the failure of the replaced joint or bone loss around the joint. This eight page section also covers surgery needed from infection and other issues.

This is followed by several useful appendices regarding resources, office checklists, information on the author’s practice, etc. Also included is a glossary of medical terms and an index.

This 216 page book is well written and easy to understand. That coupled with its numerous diagrams, illustrations, and x-rays make it a book well worth reading. The illustrations and x-rays clearly show both normal situations and situations that required treatment for the patient. The book lays out clearly what can happen in a variety of situations and what most likely will be the result. But the book is also a must read not just for the information regarding surgical procedures as it imparts a lot of information for preventive care. This is a book you will want to have in your library – especially when that twinge or ache just won’t go away.

Hip And Knee Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, Knee Replacement, &Knee Arthroscopy

Robert Edward Kennon, MD


January 2008

ISBN# 978-1-4357-0732-0



Review copy provided by the Plano, Texas Public Library System.

Kevin R. Tipple © 2008

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