While Herbie isn’t around these days, the diner with his name is still in business forty miles south of Sacramento, California. It is a good location if you don’t want to work much during the off season as hardly anybody comes by on that lonely stretch of road. For private detective John Harwood, it is hard to be undercover and part of the back ground when your face has been used on bill boards and you are just about the only other customer in the diner.

That is except for Mort Peters. Hardwood has been following Mort Peters all over northern California for a case. A case that is getting more complicated by the second now that Mort seems to have made him. The fact that the waitress drew attention to him certainly didn’t help Harwood stay inconspicuous. Her name is Arlene and her behavior isn’t helping nor is the chicken dinner by way of the cook, Muncy.

Things get increasingly complicated in this novella mystery written by L. Joseph Shosty. Set in 1950 this heavily atmospheric tale features plenty of mystery and double crosses along with interesting characters and lots of action. Herbie’s Diner pays homage to the legendary radio style dramas of the past where nothing was as it seemed and the hard working average guy had to live by wits and fists. Published by Untreed Reads this one should definitely be on your reading list.

Herbie’s Diner
L. Joseph Shosty
Untreed Reads Publishing
July 2014
65 Pages
Material supplied by the publisher in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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