Claude Guestman had the misfortune of being killed by a bullet intended for U.S. Deputy Marshal Gideon Miles as he ran for cover at the Bellows Hotel. At least Guestman got laid first by the whore Carlie who is now running from her room and screaming as best she can. Marshal Miles won’t be nearly so lucky if those chasing him have their way.Hell Town Shootout

Marshal Miles is running out of bullets and rues the fact that he ever came to Hell Town, Wyoming. The place is such a dump of a town there is no local lawmen to deal with anything that happens. That meant it was Marshal Miles who had to go after a gang of outlaws who, according to the town’s madam Laurel Wedgewood, had cheated her out of a lot of money. But, instead of fleeing, the gang had been waiting at the edge of town and they nearly got him. A running gun battle has ensured with the bad guys pursuing him back to the hotel.

Needing firepower and hoping the madam has at least one weapon, Marshal Miles plans to barricade himself in her upstairs room and hope for the best. Gideon Miles is no dummy and he is pretty sure she has answers to give him even if she doesn’t have a weapon though no self-respecting madam would be weaponless.

The latest in a long series of books featuring Gideon Miles is another good one. Filled with plenty of action and a bit of a mystery this latest western from Edward A. Grainger aka David Cranmer is another good one. It opens with a bang and a break neck pace that is maintained from start to finish. Well worth your time Hell Town Shootout: Gideon Miles Novelette is a western that quickly pulls you in and does not let go until long after the last page.

Hell Town Shootout: Gideon Miles Novelette
Edward A. Grainger
Beat To A Pulp
March 2015
33 Pages (estimated)
Material was supplied by the publisher in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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