Life is full of challenges, each of us have them, and each of us must deal with them. Well known guitarist Jamie Glaser is no exception. In fact he has probably faced larger challenges that most.



As Jamie Glaser points out at the very beginning, “My name may be new to you but you probably have heard me speak. Not with my voice but through the amazing world of music”. OK maybe you are confused, the name may elude you, but the music will not, Jamie has played guitar on many TV sound tracks, including Dynasty and just about every sit-com known to man.

Jamie Glaser had rock star written all over him, and indeed today he is, who can doubt his authenticity when your band members include Jon Anderson (YES) and violinist Jean Luc Ponty? These are power houses in the music world.

I did not know what to expect before I read the book, possibly a story about excess, drugs and girls. It is very far removed from those subjects. Instead it is a book about a period of his life when he faced some real personal challenges.

At a scant 100 pages it may seem like a quick skim. It is not. It is a long hard look into the inner being. The initial diagnosis of his issue was Bi-Polar Disorder, however that was later changed to PTSD.

The highs were high, the lows were the very pit of hell. How does one rebound from this? Yes he used professionals, but more importantly, it was friends that freed him from the bonds and released the free soaring bird we see today.

People believed in Jamie, dare I say it, even if Jamie did not!

I spent an hour talking to Jamie about music, in particular his association with the Anderson/Ponty band. It was an hour well spent. He was smart, well spoken, and maybe most important to me, a really nice guy. It is unlikely that such notable musicians such as Jon Anderson and Violin wizard Jean Luc Ponty would associate themselves with ‘rif raf’. Indeed they have not! Listen for yourself.

Jamie tells a compelling story of over consumption, however it is not drugs and booze, it is self consumption, There are two ways to read Hear The Silence, take it at face value, just another tell all book by a musician, or, strip the veneer off and read his story.

I know that Jamie Glaser is not a “ME’ person, he cares too much for others. Take Hear The Silence out for a spin. BTW the tittle is well crafted. I would share it with you. But I am an ass and will let the reader discover it for themselves. Jamie is not a singer, but his voice is golden, while many will read the book, my preference is the excellent audio version. You can buy your own copy of Hear The Silence by clicking on the Amazon link at the top, or the audio version here

Simon Barrett

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