The Surprising Truth About Your Weight 

I have to admit that I avoid fad diet books like the plague. It doesn’t matter what I do I sit at around 148 lbs. I can eat bacon, I can eat steaks, I can eat Pizza (although I do not, I don’t care for it), but the point is, everyone is different.

Linda Bacon puts forward an interesting idea,  not all of us are the same. What I can do may not work for the next person. My wife has tried the various diet routes, and does very well, yet she bounces back to her regular weight within weeks of stopping the diet.

Health At Every Size takes a long hard look at the whole dieting business. It is a global money spinner. Just watch late night TV, there are so many infomercials it will make your head spin. You can buy Pills, Potions, in fact entire meals. One company will deliver a whole month of meals for around $10 a day. I will say it again, it is all bunk!

People are who people are. Linda Bacon recognizes the fact that we are all different, about the worse thing you can do is play in the diet game. The fad diets may in fact be damaging to people that play with them. In fact a few years ago I met someone that was convinced that a solid diet of fried bacon was the solution to their problem. Another person that thought that a solid diet of cabbage soup would fix the issue, breakfast, lunch, dinner, as many bowls of it as you wanted, and watch the pounds melt away.

As Linda Bacon points out, these fad diets are rubbish. In fact dieting in general is a problematic occupation. There are few people that have succeeded in buying into a diet plan and having long term results. Sure you can starve yourself, and yes the pounds will peel off. The problem is, the pounds creep back up on you. Your body has an internal mechanism that knows where it wants to be.

Rather than fight the pounds, why not embrace what you have?

Linda Bacon takes the stance that size might not be a significant factor, and dieting can in fact be harmful. There have been many studies done and almost inevitably the weight lost on the diet is quickly regained. The reason, Linda Bacon tells us, is that our bodies have a sort of internal meter which knows what our ideal weight is. Weight gain occurs when we fool this meter. The modern day world has created a society where the vast majority of our foods are processed and fiddled with. While most of the fiddling is to enhance flavor and appearance, these chemicals often play havoc with our bodies.

One aspect that Health At Every Size explores is the use of Corn Syrup. This substance can be found in virtually every processed product, if you don’t believe me just look at the boxes and cans in your pantry. Corn syrup is everywhere. In 40 years we have gone from consuming none to an annual average consumption of over 60 pounds. The author contends that this substance may be one of these additives that bypasses our internal meter and may be a contributing factor in weight gain.

The author also calls into question the relationship between exercise and weight loss. Exercise is a good thing for us, but its effectiveness as a weight loss tool is negligible.

There are so many myths and half truths surrounding weight maintenance, well being, and nutrition that by the end of the book my head was spinning.

This is by no means a diet book, this is a book aimed at helping people better understand what is happening to their bodies. Split into two parts, part one examines the the whole question of weight, and why. Part two takes us on an exploration of positive changes that we can make to enhance our quality of life regardless of size. I also think that if you follow Linda Bacon’s advice, then those extra unwanted pounds would likely drop off.

There are also various self analysis questionnaires included to help understand your individual needs.

You can get your copy of Health At Every Size from Amazon, there is also a web site.

Simon Barrett

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