Gracie, known to all as “The Undercover Beagle” has no desire to get up. Red Rooster gets going at the crack of dawn and this morning is no exception. Gracie hopes to go back to sleep once Red Rooster is finished, but that isn’t to be. Gracie’s friend, Boston Blackie, brings word of a major problem– they can’t have scrambled eggs for breakfast. They can’t because somebody stole all the eggs out of the hen house.


Gracie and Boston Blackie lead the charge to solve the case in this charming children’s book aimed at young readers. Black and white illustrations help to bring this short clever tale to life. A nice touch is the short section of word definitions at the back of the small book to help readers ages four to six years old.


This 50 page read is a delightful story and sure to please little ones as well as their parents and guardians. It’s a treat and serves as a very nice introduction to the many stories from author Douglas Quinn.



Gracie The Undercover Beagle and Her Sidekick Boston Blackie: The Egg Thief (A Little Book for Little Readers)

Douglas Quinn

AAS White Heron Press (Via CreateSpace)

ISBN #978-1492942405

November 2013


50 Pages




Material supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.




Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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