God the Final Frontier

God the Final Frontier: Positive Proof for His Existence and His Love is a book only in the loosest definition of the term. The new 80-page paperback by evangelist prison chaplain Philip DelRe reads like an extended fundamentalist Christian tract, with all the exclamation points and faulty logic typically on display in such propaganda.

Though DelRe’s publication purports to provide answers to “many of the most profound questions anyone can ask” it falls woefully short, even by evangelical standards. Addressing such dense topics as quantum physics and evolution in brief dismissive paragraphs may seem plausible to extreme subscribers of DelRe’s flock, but even the most conservative readers will be left asking for more information. Often putting forth overly conclusive statements with little or no evidence gives DelRe’s writing the appearance of being intended solely for those who are guaranteed never to do any research of their own as even the briefest of encounters with a biology textbook would effectively render DelRe’s limited two page examination of evolution utterly meaningless. Exclamations such as “Well, Darwin was certainly right about one thing; his Theory of Evolution is absolutely absurd!” come across as shallow and rhetorical when not backed up by any evidence.

Philip DelRe

The subtitle of the text may be “Postive Proof for His Existence and His Love“, but this glorified pamphlet offers everything but what is promised. Claiming to be “Perfect for those who want answers without having to read a 300-400 page, theologically, or scientifically technical book.” God the Final Frontier is really only for those who would rather keep science and logic at a comfortable distance. The lack of references for the minimal information presented speaks volumes to the validity (or non-validity rather) of the information.

There are innumerable novels currently in publication that describe the conservative Christian movement in great detail, taking great pains to present their information in palatable and accessible forms without discounting the intelligence of the reader. Unfortunately, God the Final Frontier is not one of them.

Zach’s Rating: F
Evangelical Christian’s Rating: C-
Philip DelRe’s Rating: A

To visit DelRe’s home page, visit Voice in the Wilderness Ministry

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