I was delighted when John Mann and Bob Burg contacted me and told me that he and they had once more collaborated on a book. I really enjoyed their first one The Go-Giver. While self help books are ten a penny, few actually have anything new or original in them. It is almost as if there is a magical computer program that you can download from the Internet. Just plug in your own cute acronyms, hit the GO button and voila, a book is vomited out and ready to go!

Bob Burg and John Mann have taken a very different approach. In fact their whole concept can be summed up in one oft used biblical phrase; Give and you will receive.

A short term loss can often be the doorway to a long term gain. But, it should not be viewed in that light. Just give, and you might be surprised at the results.

Giving has a connotation involving things of monetary value. That is completely wrong. Giving can be offering advice, giving can be help, giving can be donating time. Give freely and see what happens.

For six years I worked for a large homeless shelter,we could not have existed without the generosity of the local community. My mission was running the Computer Lab, we gave free classes on how to use various computer programs. Were it not for the volunteers I would not have been able to maintain the program. These people gave their time to teach or assist. At first sight all I had to reward them with was terrible coffee and stale donuts! However, many found rewards in strange ways.

Some of my volunteers were retired professionals who were just looking for an outlet to share their wisdom, others were collage students seeking experience, some were people that were unemployed, and wanted to help while they found their next opportunity, and some had careers.

From this seemingly odd mix formed many friendships, young people learned from old hands, the unemployed found employment, and everyone gained a great deal in the process. The key element, everyone gave unconditionally, and everyone reaped great rewards.

This in my opinion this is Networking at its very apex. Many books harp on about Networking, but it is sometimes better to join a loose and diverse group than one fixated on a particular industry or concept.

One event that stands out in my mind concerns a gentleman who worked for a local company. If you watch CNN you likely have seen the fabulous large touch screens they use. He was one of the engineers involved in creating them. One day, completely unannounced, his company donated two of them! One for my use, to replace the screen and LCD projector that was reaching the end of its useful life, and one for the organization to use as it saw fit.

Giving works!

Bob Burg and David Mann in their latest book put forward the idea that Go-Givers sell more of whatever it is that you are selling. I am in complete agreement.

My wife does not always agree with me. On more than one occasion she has said something along the lines of “let me guess this is another damn freebie, we have bills to pay”.

The funny thing is that the bills do get paid, and sometimes those ‘freebie’ deals turn into significant long term relationships that do have a financial aspect.

A major error that people make when thinking about the ‘Go-Giver’ philosophy is that it is just a case of ‘I scratch your back, and you scratch mine.’

WRONG, give with an open heart and expect nothing in return. The less you expect, the greater the rewards!

The copy of Go-Givers Sell More that I received has a personal hand written message from the authors in it.

Bob Burg:

For Simon, success always, to a true Go Giver

John Mann

Thank you so much for your gift!

I have my reward in those simple comments. My mother and I did not usually see eye to eye on any subject, but there is one thing that we do agree on, the concept of please and thank you. It costs nothing, and a thank you goes such a long way!

My rewards were not just to be found in those handwritten messages. It transpired that my wife Jan and I actually warranted mention in the book! We, and Bloggernews.net are once again in print!

I love my job! My daily commute is between the bedroom and the living room (via the kitchen to make coffee).

I would be telling lies to say that it was as a result of reading The Go-Giver that my life changed. But it is truthful to say that I did find great comfort in it. Maybe I was not completely crazy in my hair brained scheme of getting out of the corporate rat race and doing something completely different.

Go-Givers Sell More is a book that I can recommend. You may not think of yourself as being in sales. Yet, we all are, we may be selling ideas, we may be selling expertise, we may be selling just plain old hard work, but we are selling.

You can order your copy of Go-Givers Sell More by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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