The subtitle reads ‘90 things to do before you join the real world‘, and I have to admit that made my head spin. My lovely wife always has a ‘To Do’ list for me, and she has worked out that if her list has four or five items on it, I may actually do two or three of them. The concept of a ‘To Do’ list with 90 items on it just boggles my mind. I was aghast at the mere idea! My worries were proven to be unfounded in the first few pages of Getting From College To Career. It was not a ‘to do’ list but 90 ideas about  strategies that a new grad can use to break into the job market. Even us ‘old grads’ can learn a thing or two from Lindsey Pollak.

‘Chase your dreams early’ Ms Pollak tells us, otherwise you will find yourself in your 40’s and hating life. Being a recent grad can be a tough road, the student loans have piled up, should you take the best paying job offered, or the one that may lead to your dream? Most people, for obvious reasons go for the money. Money now, or money and joy later is really the question that people need to ask themselves.

One of the aspects that I really enjoyed about Getting From College To Career was the freshness and relevance to today’s technology. The Internet is a great resource, there is a wealth of information to be tapped about industries and companies. But it is also a two way street. You can ‘Google’ a company, and the company can ‘Google’ you. That MySpace page with the picture of you at the ‘Frat House’ party passed out on the couch, or the email address of ‘beerhound’ may not be a solid way to make it into a job. Part of my job in ‘real life’ is helping people with resumes, and I don’t know how many times I have seen inappropriate email addresses. While this may seem like a minor thing, it is a killer in the job finding process.

Getting From College To Career is a great primer, even if you already think ‘you know it all’, I will bet that you will learn just a little bit more by reading it. I know I did, and I am 52 years old! You can get your own copy from Amazon. Lindsey Pollak also has a web page which is well worth looking at.

Simon Barrett

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