There is unrest on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in Arizona in the late 1800s as some are agitating for the Indians to unite and leave. There are rumors that those chiefs who oppose leaving will be killed. That includes Geronimo who was just shot as Geronimo Must Die by J. R. Lindermuth begins.


Mickey Free, whose mixed race ancestry is uncertain and was raised among the White Mountain Apaches, does not think the shooting at Geronimo was faked, though others, including his superiors, certainly do. Serving as a scout for the U.S. Army, Mickey moves about the reservation quietly drifting through the camps of the various groups while listening to what is being said. It is a dangerous practice at the best of times, and far more dangerous now as some actively work against peace.


Before long, Mickey Free has a contact among those in the rebellion and begins to work at the edges of the conspiracy against Geronimo and others. As he slowly works his way closer to the discovering the elusive identity of the person behind the conspiracy, he increasingly puts his own life at stake. Having saved Geronimo twice before, the third time may not be the charm for either one of them.


Along with the mystery at work in Geronimo must die, there is plenty about the history and political situation for the Indians on the reservations. While San Carlos is the location, these same issues existed elsewhere throughout the country. This social commentary, often delivered from Mickey’s perspective, serves to enhance the mystery.


Geronimo Must Die is a solidly good western from J. R. Lindermuth. As in other books from this author, while the genre is primarily western, there is a strong mystery element that runs throughout the work. Complex and nuanced this western has fully developed characters, a complicated mystery, a hint of romance, and plenty of history that brings the book alive for the reader. Geronimo Must Die is another very good read from author J. R. Lindermuth and well worth your time.







Geronimo Must Die

  1. R. Lindermuth

Sundown Press

March 2017

ISBN# 978-1544076515

eBook (also available in paperback)

104 Pages





Material supplied by the author quite some time ago in exchange for my objective review.



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