By way of “Kindle Worlds” comes Slip the first novella of the G.I. Joe Interstellar Cadet Corp Series by Jack Bates. Mission commander Josie Llewellyn has a major problem. Her trip with the seven young cadets has gone horribly wrong. It was supposed to be a simple in and out mission onboard an experimental spaceship to test the slipcapabilities of machine and give the cadets a little flight experience. That was before they encountered the worm hole and were flung far off course. Where they are and how to get back are just two of the obvious issues from the start.

The fact there is a COBRA mole onboard is just going to make things much more difficult for all involved. A damaged ship, a stressed and very inexperienced crew, and more are at work in G.I. Joe Interstellar Cadet Corps: Slip by Jack Bates.

A few typos marred this otherwise very enjoyable read that shifts in point of view between the various members of the crew aboard ship and people at the COBRA base. As it is a 66 page novella, character development is somewhat limited as the focus is on setting up the future books of the series while proving plenty of action. That is done very well by the author who has created a read that is quite enjoyable. The book serves as a good solid foundation of what clearly is going to be an interesting series.

G.I. Joe Interstellar Cadet Corps: Slip
Jack Bates
Kindle Worlds
September 2015
66 Pages
Material was purchased to read and review using funds from my Amazon Associate account because of the author’s recent mentioning of the book on Facebook.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2015

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