The latest in the series of excellent westerns is a collection of five previously published tales. Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles as written by Edward Grainger contains snapshots of Cash and Gideon at various times of their lives. Their age may have slowed them down or worse, but the legacy of their actions lives on long afterwards.

Known by many as the “Outlaw Marshal” because of the way he often delivered justice, Cash Laramie has been gone for quite a while as “Missing” opens. He works out of the Cheyenne office as does Gideon Miles. Chief Deputy Devon Penn thinks that three months is enough and sends Gideon Miles sends him to go find Cash and get him back and on the job as it is 1888 and there is work to be done.

Messing with Cash as he sits at a table reading his paper in the Beckett Hotel and Saloon is not a good idea. It was a quiet July morning in “On The Death Of A President” until Colton showed up.

The young racist should be glad that Gideon Miles is trying to drown with whiskey his feelings over being forced to kill a man. It is a long way back to Cheyenne with the screams of the mother ringing loudly in his ears. So he needs a drink or two and really isn’t in the mood to have to kill an idiot. Otherwise he might not have had as much patience in “New Dog, Old Tricks.”

Cash and Gideon are on a hurried trip back to Cheyenne as an urgent case needs their attention. As it happens they are in the area of Mary Katherine’ home. As she is an old friend of Cash’s and the horses need tending to, Cash and Gideon have stopped by for a brief break from the trail in “Interlude.”

Miles is contemplating a major life change in “Bourbon Dreams.” It is time for something different for him as well as the woman he loves, Violet Pickard.

After Cash takes a beating as “The Wicked” opens he loses consciousness. If the folks who had grabbed him in 1911 had been smart they would have killed him while he was out. They didn’t.

“Legends” with Chuck Tyrell picks up above story about a decade later. It is May 1921 and Cash is on his way to New Orleans to see Gideon and Violet as well as deal with an old problem.

Cash is 79 in “Merciless” and can’t move like he used to back in the day. There are flying machines, telephones and more and unlike many others Cash still has that edge that helped claim the west. Something that those who mess with him would be wise to remember.

Memories and the past are also a major part of “Property Of A Gunfighter” with Chuck Tyrell. Mrs. Sadie Earp is only going to share a little bit about Wyatt and her past with the reporter who says her name is Veranda June. Since Gary Cooper sent her Sadie’s Way she will talk to her about a few things. Not only a good story, but a very nice way to end the book.

Following the stories is an excerpt from the most recent book “Dino Del Mar” of the Jack Laramie series. Known as the “Drifter Detective” Jack is the grandson of Cash Laramie and shares a lot of the same attitude.

Also included are cover shots of some other books available from Beat to A Pulp Press,

These previously published stories in this third collection are all very good making the Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles a very good read. While the setting of the Old West may not always be present, that attitude of not putting up with nonsense and dispensing justice as they see fit is still present in each and every one of these excellent stories.

Further Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles
Edward A. Grainger
Beat To A Pulp Press
October 2014
E-Book (also available in print)
107 Pages
Material supplied by the publisher in exchange for my objective review.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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