This book came to me via a friend of mine who used the term ‘The Perfect Storm’ while describing it. I was intrigued, what could make this such a great book?

It did not take more than a few pages to be drawn into the tale that Alvin Franzmeier has weaved. His time period if just before America entered the Second World War. America had a significant number of immigrants from Germany, and many had found their new home in Minnesota. Many of those immigrants had tough choices to make when it came to loyalty. Indeed there were many who supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. In fact up until America joined World War II it was perfectly legal for citizens to openly support the German organizations.

Albert Frietag is the prime protagonist in Freya’s Child. He is is a deputy sheriff of German origin. Albert is caught in an unenviable position, where does his loyalty lay. Is it with his current homeland, or his previous homeland? Both sides call him theirs, but only Albert knows for sure.

Is he a double agent? Yes he is. But both sides realize this. What value could he have?

A chance discovery of what is thought to be a Viking artifact, a granite slab with runes (symbols) etched into it, creates great interest from the Nazi party. Could this be further proof of the lineage of the Aryan race? Scholar and Viking expert Dr. Hulda Schwarz is dispatched to Minnesota to recover the artifact at the behest of Heinrich Himmler. Hulda is nor regular scholar but rather a practicing member of the old Norse religions.

Freya’s Child is an interesting read on many fronts. It is fiction, but it actually contains a great deal of historical fact and conjecture. Many researchers have claimed that the Vikings visited America long before the more well known Spaniards. It is also factual that Hitler and his upper echelon did indeed have a huge fascination, almost bearing on obsession in creating a lineage of the Aryan race.

Alvin Franzmeier also takes us marginally into the world of the supernatural, but does it in a rather interesting way that leaves it up to the reader to determine if it is real or perceived.

Freya’s Child is indeed a perfect storm. I was hooked from the first page. The author has done a wonderful job of creating a wild, yet believable scenario. The historical accuracy should not come as a huge surprise as the author does have a Masters Degree in History.

I have said little about the plot in this review, and that was a deliberate choice. To share the plot would be a sin of the greatest magnitude. I will leave it to the reader to discover the wonderful secrets hidden within Freya’s Child for themselves.

You can order your copy of Freya’s Child by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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