As For The Good Of The Clan opens Ulat is pursuing a deer for his clan. He takes the deer down on an early spring day. Minutes later, he is taken down at least two blows from behind. for-the-good-of-the-clan


For Ledeth, the medicine man for the clan, this day has passed like others over his many years. His name translates to “one who knows secrets” and that sums up what he does on a daily basis. Revered and feared by his clan he is well aware that time waits for no creature. He feels a sense of urgency to impart his knowledge to Donathan who is his latest student. Donathan may have potential, but he is also not anywhere near ready to take on the responsibility of being the medicine man to the clan. For Ledeth this is a huge issue, as he knows his time for the long sleep is coming.


It is Ledeth who the people feel comfortable with coming to with their concerns. The oldest daughter, Matha, of his sister comes to him that night to tell him Ulat has not returned and she is very worried. When Ulat still has not returned the next day, Ledeth goes to Chief Balog to ask for clan members to be sent to look for Ulat.


The search party sent out by Chief Balog soon fins Ulat’s body. Ledeth is assigned, not only the ceremonial funeral, but also the task of figuring out what happened to Ulat. Was it a fearsome boar as some believe, or was a member of the clan responsible for the death of the clan’s greatest hunter?


The death of Ulat has far reaching implications in For The Good Of The Clan by Miles Archer. Part of the Fingerprints Short Story Line published  by Untreed Reads Publishing, the fast moving story takes readers back to ancient times when spirits ruled the land and people did what they could to survive. Ledeth is on the case in a highly entertaining short story that moves steadily forward to a satisfying conclusion. For The Good Of The Clan by Miles Archer works quite well in terms of characters, action, and a strong mystery. A good read and one that is well worth it.





For The Good Of The Clan

Miles Archer

Untreed Reads Publishing

February 2012

ASIN: B007F1W686


25 Pages




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Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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