This book caught me a little off guard, while it is billed as a self help guide dealing with personal finances, it is actually a far wider ranging work with very strong Cristian underpinnings.

This is Jessica Psalidas’ second foray into the book, her first was the award winning Everlasting Purity, another Christian themed work.

Financial Purity works on the assumption that everything in our lives is in someway interconnected and it is only by balancing all aspects that we can find that elusive goal of financial control. This is not a book about building wealth, so much as a guide to working and living at the highest quality within whatever monetary bracket you happen to be in.

Unlike many self help books Jessica Psalidas does not have those endless boring to do lists, rather she takes a much more down to earth approach, suggesting instead that what we need to do is develop a ‘vision’ of what it is that we wish to achieve. She makes an interesting observation very early in the book that it is easy to become influenced by others, and that is a big mistake. Be careful of the news you watch, and be careful who you speak to, is her advice.

She is also a firm believer in bringing order out of chaos. Many of us waste countless hours and money from the chaos that is or normal life. Make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket, in fact, make a weekly menu, and them create the shopping list. By doing this you can ensure that everything you need can be bought in one trip, that saves time and gas.

Become more organized on your everyday life. Decide what your regular chores are, laundry, house cleaning, yard work, etc, and set a day of the week to do each one. I happen to live next door to a delightful couple, the wife loves to grow vegetables, and earlier this year I was talking to her about her garden. “Oh I love my garden” she told me. She also went on to explain that I would see her pottering about in the garden every Saturday “Saturday is my day to be outside.”

Financial Purity is far from mainstream as far as the self help genre is concerned, for example Chapter 3 is titled Tithing Purely, and Chapter 4 Prayer. These are not subjects that tend to crop up in the average ‘How to build wealth’ book.

The book stores are crammed to rafters with financial advice books, as a book reviewer, I likely have dozens of them here in the house, it is a very tough market to be successful in. Clearly Jessica Psalidas will not appeal to everyone, but I do not think that was her strategy, instead she is reaching out to the Christian contingent.

You can order your copy of Financial Purity from Amazon. Jessica Psalidas also runs a web site supporting both Financial Purity and her earlier work Everlasting Purity.

Simon Barrett

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