I wanted to read ‘Faux Elivs’ by  Pat Cook because the idea that Elivs never died but was still alive ignited my imagination. The book starts with a rookie reporter being given her first opportunity to show what’s she’s made of and come up with an interesting human interest story and prove her worth as a journalist. How brilliant for her, a rookie reporter stumbles on one of the biggest stories of the century but the book leaves me cold.  

When I read a book I want it to suspend my own reality and take me on a believable journey, however, Faux Elvis, left me feeling cheated as the idea was better than the execution of it.  The hype was better than the book itself.  The contrived storyline was just too convenient, simplistic and unchallenging.   

For example, the ‘stand in’ Elvis dies but nobody realises from the autopsy that this was not the ‘real’ Elvis but a lookalike booked from a Vegas Agency?  Not only that but the characterisation of Elivs and his entourage was weak.  In addition, the ending of the book is an anti climax which leaves the reader in limbo – does she print the story or not?   

To conclude, the book is trading in on the Elvis legend and no doubt will get interest because of the title and idea but unfortunately has very little substance to it. Great concept shame about the execution.  

NB: Read & reviewed by K T Dodge.

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