Green Stone Of Healing Series – Book Two

I have to admit that I did enjoy the first book in the Green Stone Of Healing Series – The Vision and so was eager to read this one.

Fallout picks up right where The Vision ended. Lieutenant Helen Andros has discovered the true identity of her father, it is non other than Lord James Mordacai. The headstrong Helen enters into an uneasy relationship with Lord James. Both are wary of each other, and both have very different views on on almost every subject. They may be father and daughter, but they are not so much family as adversaries. To quote from the back cover:

She can keep her legs shut, but not her lips

Lord James is bound and determined to gentrify the wild Helen, Helen is resistant and would much prefer to be allowed to continue with her career. Lord James is a powerful man, and is a powerful protector for the half breed Helen, but, his protection is a double edged sword. In many ways Helen was safer as an anonymous army healer, she posed no threat and was widely liked. Now, she must face the spotlight, and Lord James has powerful enemies that will go to almost any length to destroy both him and his daughter.

Azgard is a dangerous place, a fractured place, two very different societies that hold their beliefs and mores close to their chest. The Toltecs and Turanians represent two very different strata of society, the Toltecs rule, the Turanians serve. A half-breed like Helen represents a threat to their orderly lives. Helen straddles a dangerous fence, and is most certainly in the cross hairs of the powerful Temple Of Kronos. These keepers of religion and propriety for Azgard appear almost obsessed with finding a permanent solution to the problem, in fact maybe the correct term to use would be a ‘terminal’ solution!

It is mentioned in book one, and here in book two we get to learn a little more of why the religious leaders of The Temple Of Kronos will go to almost any length to destroy Helen and her kind. Helen has Kura, a source of great power, and a source that only the Half-breeds possess. Few know of Kura, it is a dark secret of the holy ones. This makes Helen an even bigger threat. It is clear that the mysterious Green stone that she wears around her neck is in someway connected to the Kura. I have no doubt that we will be learning more in the next book.

What I find fascinating in this series is the richness that Candace Talmadge brings to the table. So many fantasy books border on the ridiculous, this author very much stays firmly rooted in human nature, and in some ways focuses on ‘mans inhumanity to man’. Although her central characters are female, the world of Azgard is most certainly a very feudal male-centric one. In many ways it is not too different to what our world might look like in the future. Azgard is advanced in some respects, yet sadly lacking in others. Another aspect that has caught my attention with Candace Talmadge is her willingness to explore subjects not often broached in the Fantasy genre.

Helen must make some difficult and somewhat self destructive decisions in Fallout, and there are some severe consequences. Her actions not only effect her world, but those around her. The book ending with a real cliff hanger. And it is apparent that whatever the outcome may be, Helen’s live will be changed forever.

You can purchase your copy of Fallout from Amazon. Candace also has a web site in support of the series.

If you missed my review of the first book in the series The Vision, you can read it here.

Simon Barrett

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