Yes, Ladies, there is another Stephanie Plum book out, and this one is better than most.

Stephanie comes back from a Hawaiian vacation with a suspicious mark on her ring finger. And she doesn’t want to talk about it. So who was it? And where is the ring?

In the meanwhile, the problem is that someone slipped a photo into her bag, and then left the plane during a stop over in LAX and got himself killed.

The problem? Stephanie threw away the photo, and now people are trying to kidnap her to tell them where it is, including a Russian thug who won’t take no for an answer.

Ah, but there is good news.

Stephanie’s nemesis Joyce Barnhart is missing. Her jeweler boyfriend is also missing, and the cops think she did the dirty deed, especially when his remains are found in his flattened car in a local New Jersey junk yard.

So where is the last place the Jersey cops will look for Joyce? In Stephanie’s apartment, of course.

There are the usual twists in the plot (grandmom meets a matchmaker from an earlier book who gives Stephanie a love potion, but Lula ends up drinking it and falling in love with one of their clients).

And the real questions lag: Why is a Jersey hairdresser claiming she is the dead man’s finace and needs the photo? Why does the photo look like a photoshopped mix of Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutchner? Why doesn’t Stephanie want to talk to Ranger or Morelli? Does that broken nose and stiches have something to do with it?

Forget logic. Read and enjoy. This one is a bit less “ROTFL” than usual, but a bit more logical than most.

I give it a four out of five for Plum fans (and a 3 out of five for the rest of you).


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines.

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