Five Proven Steps To Free Yourself From Guilt For Good!

Susan Carrell maintains that there are two types of guilt. They could be referred to as good guilt, which is a healthy thing to have. It acts as a self regulator for our behavior. I am by no means a saint, just ask my wife, but I would never dream of stealing items from the local supermarket, or robbing a bank. I am reasonably intelligent, and I am sure I could perfect the perfect crime, but I would feel guilt over it. My stealing a pack meat likely will have little effect on the profit and loss statement, but I would feel guilt.

Likewise relieving my local bank of some of that pesky currency would not break them, but I would feel a great deal of guilt. Guilt that I had threatened someone, well lets face it, you can’t just ask the nice bank teller to hand over the loot. You have to have some sort of threat. Bottom line, good guilt, is a good thing.

The second type of guilt is more insidious, Susan Carrell refers to it as Toxic Guilt. And for sure there is plenty of it to go around. Toxic Guilt is found lurking everywhere. It is in the family, it is in the workplace, and of course it runs rampant in the world of religion.

What is it? The author describes it in various terms, and the causes and causers are diverse. Both Victims and Rescuers are guilty. When we see a victim we feel compassion, it is a normal reaction, however there are some victims that play on our psyche. Likewise there are rescuers, people who to some extent, small or large, have done some good deed, the good deed is dangled as a threat. It is not meant as a threat, but the largess comes at a price. Often the recipient of the good deed is full of guilt, a guilt built from a need to repay.

Another obvious source of guilt is from religion. Most of the organized religions, and we are not talking about obscure sects, we are talking the main stream western religions, guess what? They live on guilt!

Susan Carrell has had many years of experience as a councilor, and it is this experience that she brings to the table in Escaping Toxic Guilt. The book is really in two parts, part one explains the problem, and part 2 shows you how to escape from the ceaseless brutality of guilt.

Author Susan Carrell offers a five step approach, I think I can paraphrase it in a few words, tell people that you have had enough, follow it up with action, put your seat belt on, go with the flow, and finally keep your vigilance.

I have no idea how it happens, but I often read books that seem to be oddly topical to news stories I am working on. The guilt card is being played in this particular case to great effect. And all parties are at fault, we the press are running our guilt Ace, the attorney representing someone who is not a suspect is playing the same trump card, the family involved also has this same trump card. The net result of all of this is that the case is not advancing, in fact it is going backwards. Everyone is guilty of playing in the guilt world.

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Simon Barrett

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