Most cookbooks don’t offer nutritional information or suggestions on how to cut calories, fats, salt, etc., from the recipes. The books normally don’t have suggestions on how to make healthy versions of the dishes in the book. Eat More of What You Love: Over 200 Brand- New Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories by Marlene Koch is not one of those kinds of cookbooks. This is a cookbook designed for those of us who do need to watch what we eat.


The first thirty pages are all background information on the book and health. Calories, fats, carbs, sugar, etc. are explained in easy to understand language and how they were dealt with in this book. So too are topics such as meal planning vice “The Plate Method” or “Meal Planning with Calories,” counting carbs, food exchanges, and the role of various ingredients in the  dishes.  With the basic background information out of the way it is on to the recipes.


Starting on page 32 with “Super Sippers, Smoothies, and Shakes” drinks of all types are covered.  “Cherry Lemonade Freeze” (pages 36-37) and a “Frosty Caramel Frappe” (page 43) that is built along the lines of the more famous one at McDonalds are just two of the fourteen drinks listed here. Each recipe has a small intro, a list of ingredients and instructions, and complete detailed information for each a serving of the item. When appropriate there is also nutritional information on the original version at the fast food place or restaurant further highlighting the huge difference between the cookbook version and the original. Pictures are also present for many items throughout the book.


If breads are your thing you will find them starting on page 52 in “Fresh Baked Breads, Muffins, and Coffee Cakes.”  There are twelve recipes in this section including ones for “Triple Lemon Blueberry Muffins” (page 55), “Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Muffins” (pages 56-57) and “Chocolate Chip Quick Cake” (page 70) among others. On her Bran-ana Nut Mini-Loaves recipe (page 63) the author points out that while her recipe has 120 calories per serving; the same thing at Starbucks is 180 calories per serving among other issues with sugar and carbs.


“Breakfast and Brunch” come next with sixteen more recipes. From “Grab ‘n Go Oat Bars” (page 73) to the “Denver-Style Egg White Melt” (page 77) to something for brunch such as “Chile Relleno Casserole” (page 83) among others there is something here to make the morning better. Those who low Quiche should check out one of the author’s most requested recipes “Quick N’ Easy Quiche” on pages 84-85.


That is followed by “Appetizers and Small Bites” starting on page 93. This is when you go for “Creamy Fruit Dip” (page 96), “James’ Pepperoni Pizza Puffs” (page 105), “Awesome Nacho Quesadilla” (page 109) and “Cheesy Chili Nachos” (pages 112-113) among others. One of the neat things in this book is the fact the sodium counts are tracked and compared in these dishes.  Something virtually important to folks like me who really have to watch their salt intake as it has huge consequences with high blood pressure.


Soups and Sandwiches comes next with “Super Soups and Sensational Sandwiches” starting on page 114. Seven soup recipes and one for chili lead off the section before it goes into the eleven sandwiches of various types such as “Western Chicken Bacon Cheese Sandwiches” on pages 134-135. A nice inclusion in this chapter is a chart featuring various processed tomato based products and their salt content per serving size. Also mentioned here is the tip that eating more potassium by way of potatoes, bananas, spinach, etc. will mitigate some of the sodium intake.


Salads in the form of sides and as an entrée are the focus of “Best Dressed Salads” starting on page 143. “Good Ol’ Iceberg with Classic French Dressing” (page 145) leads off the section before moving on to others such as “Lime-Cottage Cheese Jell-O Salad” (page 149), “Creamy Ranch Slaw” (page 152), “Quick ‘n Healthy Taco Salad” (page 164) and others. I hoped to see a Blue Cheese dressing version as that happens to be my favorite, but, no such luck. 


Slow cookers seem to be popular again as there are now a number of brand new recipe books on the market. They get a chapter here featuring thirteen recipes in “Slow Cookers Favorites.” Starting on page 166 and besides featuring more chili recipes there are ones for “Barbecue Pulled Pork” (pages 170-171) and “Fast Fix Ratatouille” (page 182) among others. Also included in this section are tips on how to get the most out of your slow cooker.


“Pastas, Pizzas, and More” comes next with an extension variety as well as tips on cheese. Whether you want “Cajun Jambalaya Pasta” (page 190) or “Quick-Fix Turkey Chili Mac Skillet” (page 197) or “Pizza Pasta Pie” (pages 204-205) variety is present in this chapter is well as throughout the book. Also present in this chapter is a recipe for “Homemade Pizza Dough” (page 206) and tips on how to create better tasting pizzas. Something that remains an issue here as the boys seriously question my pizza making abilities.


“Sides That Make The Meal” comes next starting on page 210 with nineteen recipes. This is where you go for “Sautéed Cabbage, Onions, and Apples” (page 220), “Fiesta Lime Rice” (pages 228-229), and “Everyday Garlic Roast” (page 235) among others. Yes, for you cornbread lovers there is “Cheesy Skillet Cornbread” on page 234 and it works for muffin cups too. Also tips on how good potatoes are for you and other good information are here.


If you are looking to do something different with chicken you have fourteen choices in “Fast and Fit Chicken Dishes.” Starting on page 238 with “Good ‘n Easy Garlic Chicken” (page 238) you could follow up on another night with “Chicken Chicken Fried Steak with Cream Gravy” (pages 240-242) or “Super Simple Chicken Pizzaiolo” (page 250) among others.


The chicken ones are followed by the sixteen recipes of “Lean Beef, Pork, and Fish” section that starts on page 258. “East Meets West Salisbury Steak” (page 261), “15-minute Maple Glazed Pork Chops” (page 268) and “Shrimp Scampi” (page 273) among others are here. Of interest is the text and chart on page 259 detailing the calories, fat, cholesterol, etc., of various three ounce beef servings.


Desert is important and comes next in “Pies, Puddings, and Specialty Desserts.” Twelve recipes are here including “5-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Soufflés” (pages 298-299) and “Fresh Peach and Blueberry Cobbler” (pages 296). Of course, desert is not limited to pies and puddings.


If cookies and cakes are your thing you have twelve choices in “Homestyle Cookies and Cakes.” After extolling the wonders of chocolate on page 302 it is on to “Snickerdoodle Softies” (page 303), “Raspberry Oat Bars” (pages 306-307) and “Unbelievable Chocolate Cake” (page 317) among others.


Cupcakes get their own special section with the appropriate title “Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!” Perennial favorites of many, “Red Velvet Cupcakes” (pages 320-321) lead off this twelve recipe section that also includes recipes for frostings and one glaze.



A four page menu guide for various situations, an acknowledgement page, and an eleven page index bring the book to a close.

Written by a dietitian, Eat More of What You Love: Over 200 Brand- New Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories is a cookbook designed to deliver taste and satisfying cravings. The recipes as well as the photography work by Philadelphia based Steve Legato creates a unique cookbook that is beautiful and practical. Featuring over 200 recipes and plenty of variety this is a cookbook designed to make eating fun and satisfying and healthy too.



Eat More of What You Love: Over 200 Brand- New Recipes Low in Sugar, Fat, and Calories

Marlene Koch

Photographs by Steve Legato

Running Press Book Publishers


ISBN# 978-0-7624-4589-9

Hardback (also available as e-book)

352 Pages




Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.


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