Susan Wingate first hit my radar with Bobby’s Diner, a book that I enjoyed a great deal. I was not alone, Bobby’s Diner in fact won an award. I had the opportunity to talk with Susan a couple of weeks ago,and her real life literary story is quite unique in this day and age. Most authors would opt to have a root canal rather than try and find a traditional publisher. Unless you are famous movie star or politician the traditional houses have little interest.

Susan Wingate did find a publisher for Bobby’s Diner, in fact the publisher liked the book so much they entered into a three book deal with her. I nearly dropped the phone when she told me this! There is no doubt in my mind that this lady has the luck of the Irish.

I do have a suspicion though, and that is Bobby’s Diner was originally designed as a stand alone work rather than the anchor point for a series. The reason I say that is that the book leaves few loose ends, and also ends with the death of a main character.

I could not wait to sink my teeth into Easy As Pie, a sadistic part of my brain was wondering how the author was going to pick the threads up and run with them?

And the answer is… She does it in style!

Easy As Pie picks up soon after Bobby’s Diner, Georgette is now the sole proprietor of the Diner, and she has even snagged herself a man. Vanessa’s daughter is the mayor of Sunnydale, and has become fast friends with Georgette.

Hawthorn Biggs is the man in Georgette’s life, seemingly it it a match made in heaven. But is it really?

Things change rapidly when Helen Wellen decides to return to Sunnydale. Following the death of her husband Helen had moved to Seattle to become a full time writer, but the lure of the arid Arizona desert brings her back. Her return sets in motion a chain of events that reveal that land developer Zach Pinzer may well still be eyeing the property that Bobby’s Diner occupies.

Easy As Pie is a delightful read, yes there is an element of blood and gore, but even that is done in such a fashion that includes an element of dark humor. One of the bad guys has an encounter with a rescue flare that happens to land in an unfortunate location, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

The book business is a tough one, writing and publishing a book is a lot of hard work. However that effort pales into insignificance once you hit the dreaded ‘M’ word, marketing. How does an author get noticed in the ocean of books being published? Creativity is the key, and Susan Wingate certainly is creative. At the back of the book we learn that the main character Georgette Carlisle has her own Facebook page, and that a recipe contest had been held, she even publishes the winning entries.

Another fun idea that she has incorporated is to include a Reader’s Quiz. This would be ideal for a group to participate in. In fact if you do run a reading group you might want to to try both books, I do not think you will be disappointed.

You can order your copy of Easy As Pie from Amazon by using the link above.

Simon Barrett

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