Originally published in 2010 in Lone Star Noir, this short story is now available as a stand alone e-book. Carlos McDaniel was minding his own business as the small lake southeast of College Station, Texas when the two men in business suits showed up. Carlos liked going to the family’s small place at the one acre lake because it was an escape from reality for the real estate salesman. The family rarely came out there and he never had visitors. That is until that fateful summer day when the two men in suits showed up and he had no idea what they wanted with him.


Noir in tone with very little humor, Duckweed–A Short Story, is a bit different than that excellent Bill Travis series by this author. The usual hallmarks of a George Wier story, colorful Texas history coupled with plenty of action featuring numerous interesting characters, are present and in a volatile state waiting for the spark that will change so many lives. From the opening sentence the explosion is underway in a read that absolutely works on all levels.



Duckweed–A Short Story

George Wier


Flagstone Books


December 2011

Kindle E-book

Estimated Length–19 Pages




Material supplied by the author quite some time ago in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2013

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