Editors Note: Maggie Coulon is without doubt our youngest reviewer here on Blogger News. Dog Park Diary crossed my desk recently and I thought I would let this 10 year old dynamo have a crack at it. You can read my review, but I think Maggie’s is better! Somehow she gets to the crux of the book without all of that preamble that us adults do. I would also like to point out that other than typo’s this piece has not been edited.

I like this book because it has a main character that is not human and doesn’t give his words but thoughts. And don’t let me forget the owner. If it wasn’t for her, the dog wouldn’t even be here and, if she wouldn’t take the dog to the park she probably wouldn’t be as healthy as she is now.

I like that the dog would describe every thing she saw that day, if grown-ups did that they would be a whole lot different and that would be very good for Mississippi. If you know what or more than I do, you would think that would be good the U.S.

Notice the dog expressing his self. If you had/have/will have a dog would you think he/she was expressing his self the whole time, I didn’t think so. All people express or talk about themselves. But have you ever heard a dog do it? I do not know about you but I haven’t! Don’t you think that is interesting?

If you had an opportunity to walk in a park every day would you? Most Americans would not rather to do that. Dogs do not have a Ryan’s down the block. We do. They get the food that some one gives to them or the left overs. And the Goody Beagle still did not mind loosing some weight, I know a lot of people that would want to get more food first.

I love dogs and they will stop walking if they are not yet trained or not up to it. Do you agree or disagree? I believe that dogs are more and less healthier than us in particular parts. If this dog would have been a bad mannered dog that would have been a problem, would it not? I think so.

So buy this book and see how special it really is. I think it has many specialties, but what do you think? If I like it,it doesn’t matter to you. But what you think about it does.

Dog Park Diary is available from Amazon.

Thanks again Maggie!

Simon Barrett

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