I love books that work the brain, Professor Bompa certainly has achieved that goal. It is clear that this book is destined for use in some lectures, I wish I could sit in on them, while I might disagree with him of certain ‘facts’ and apparent admiration of the current guest staying in the exclusive hotel located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Donald Trump, the book is a cracking adventure into the wicked world we live in, both past and present.

The central argument is that the current political two party system is broken. There are few people that would disagree. Washington is in a sad state, I think it is fair to say that there is adequate blame to go around. Under 8 years of Obama we had 8 years of Republican obstructionism. In two years of Trump we see two years of Democratic obstructionism and with the ‘shellacking’ that Trump in the midterms in the House, there is little chance that the stalemate will change for another 2 years. Even though Trump enjoys a less than 40% approval rating, because of the perverse Electoral College system he could win another four term in 2020.

Professor Bompa suggests that it is time to abandon the two party system and adopt what is called Direct Democracy, essentially a lot of the governing power is relocated to the voter in the form of referendums. He cites Switzerland as a country that has adopted this system. Obviously it would be impractical to hold referendums for all government business, Switzerland reserves the referendum system for the major items of government only.

I think this idea has great potential. The recent polarizing subjects include, Obamacare, that damn wall, DACA, Tax rates, gun control, and immigration in general. Taking these items out of the partisan party system and into the hands of the voter can only be a good thing. The will of the people overrides the will of the party. It may even tame some of the partisanship. Surely even the dumbest partisan politician would get the message that a position was unpopular? Well maybe and maybe not, What maybe unpopular to the many, lets say coal power, may be very popular to the few, West Virginia.

There are also pitfalls with Direct Democracy, one only has to look at the UK and BREXIT. What an inglorious disaster! It mattered not which side won, 50% of the population would hate the result.

I am not sure that Direct Democracy is the answer but I can’t see how it could possibly be worse than the current two party system.

Professor Bompa puts up some interesting arguments in the book about why other systems have failed. The shortcomings of Socialism and Communism have been well documented. Nirvana, they are not!

The book also has a chapter dedicated to Propaganda and Disinformation. Yes that sounds awfully Orwellian, it is indeed a fact of modern life. One only has to look at Trump’s personal Ministry Of Truth ‘Fox News’ to see this in action. Professor Bompa instead chooses Russia as his example. It is indeed a fine example of the problem. Russia has become the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the USSR. Propaganda and disinformation are rife.

As I mentioned earlier, I am sure that this book is destined to form an anchor point in a university course, but do not be dissuaded, this is the sort of book I call a ‘Crossover’. One that is suitable for ‘Town and Gown’.

I like the book, it forces the reader to think, an art that seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. No one is entirely right or entirely wrong. My viewpoint on certain subjects differs from Professor Bompa’s, but that is a good thing.

I recommend you take Direct Democracy And More out for a spin. Just click the Amazon link above.

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