Diesel Therapy is the second in the Selena series and opens with Selena in prison. U.S. attorney Albert Harding as well as assistant U. S. attorney Scott Howard think she knows things and will talk if given the right incentive. They want her to talk about Pete Malucci to help build their case. They intend to get her to make a deal with her one way or the other.  They will try the carrot and when that does not work they will resort to the stick.diese therapy


It does not matter what they do as Selena is not remotely inclined to talk about Pete Malucci or anything else. It isn’t just because she doesn’t know anything. She is recovering from the events of the first book and isn’t about to accept being used by others. Facing life without parole in the federal prison system she figures things can’t get any worse. Selena is very wrong about that in Diesel Therapy by Greg Barth.


If you read the first book in this series, Selena,  you know you are in for a wild ride crime story filled with graphic language and descriptions, lots of violent action, and plenty of folks you really don’t want anywhere near you and yours. If you didn’t read the first book, you are warned that this book and the series is graphic in every way possible and filled with violence from start to finish. Selena is in a fight for her life and intends to extract an often bloody retribution on those who would abuse her. Violent and intense with everything in great detail on the page, Diesel Therapy by Greg Barth is a good read that is most definitely not for all readers.


Diesel Therapy (Selena Book 2)

Greg Barth

All Due Respect Books


November 2015


eBook (Print available)

389 Pages




Material supplied by the publisher quite some time ago in exchange for my objective review.


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