Let’s look at the BIOS on the Voting Machines that Elected Donald Trump

Since election day all we have heard is Donald Trump whining about is how the vote was rigged, millions of illegal voters created a situation where trump won the prize, but lost the popular vote by 3 million.

Pretty much the only person that believes this is Donald Trump. So certain is he about the problem that he has created a ‘commission’ to investigate the problem. As with many of Trumps ideas, the commission is stalled.

Author and researcher Susan Huhn Eustis has a very different view. She contends that it is possible that the election was rigged, but the Russians and the democrats were not responsible. The culprit was Trump and his own team.

Sure it sounds stupid, but it is not. The weakest link in the voting chain is not the voter but the voting machine. There have been several discussions   about the problem, From lofty discussions from Princeton’s CITP, to the free wheeling world of the annual hacker fest DefCon.

Trump’s victory was not as big as he makes out, it was in fact tiny and very dependent on just a few counties in Florida, , Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Susan Eustis puts forward a theory. Physical access to the voting machines in only a few key counties could have a huge effect on the outcome both in the state and in total.

Did Fraud Elect Donald Trump explores this possibility. It may sound a little far fetched, but using freely available voting data there are some ugly facts. More votes for Trump than actual voters:

separate precincts located within Outagamie County, WI. According to local reports, there were four precincts in Hortonville, Cicero, Bear Creek, and Grand Chute, where it was reported that more people had voted in the presidential race, than had voted overall. The discrepancy, which was attributed by local officials to human error, added over 1,000 votes to Donald Trump which were then taken away when the official election results were posted. The Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed the Election Fraud complaint to urge the Wisconsin Elections Commission to look into these precincts to investigate this vote padding as intentional fraud, as opposed to a clerical error.”


It appears that there may have been some classic examples of vote padding happening in Wisconsin. When a reliably blue state in recent presidential elections suddenly shifts to red by the smallest of margins, it should raise some concerns. The state has removed nearly 5,000 votes from Trump’s lead over due to human error.

Here is my question, how can these errors happen? Surely the voting systems have been tested and secure?

Yes I can see how a very small tweak can have a huge effect.

Was the 2016 election hacked? That is a question I cannot answer. One  thing that I do know is that this was the most divisive election in modern times.

Susan Eustis is correct, electronics are fallible. If it contains a computer, a problem is just a hack away. These days computers are everywhere, your phone, microwave. Car, TV, etc.

It is a sobering thought, way more scrutiny is given to the code in running a Las Vegas video slot machine than a voting machine. Particularly worrying is the general lack of a ‘paper trail’.

I recommend that you read this book, it will make you think.

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