Although it happened 45 years ago the world is still fascinated by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There are as many theories behind the story as there are stars in the night sky. About the only thing all of the theories have in common is that The Warren Commission’s findings were wrong. Whether there was some dark purpose behind the commission we may never know, my own personal opinion is that their need to bring a speedy closure to the affair outweighed their need to be thorough.

Dan Robertson has been a JFK-ologist for over 25 years, and he has just released his ideas surrounding the events in Dealey Plaza on November the 22, 1963.

Dan bases his theory on the very famous Zapruder home movie that has to be one of the most often aired tapes of all time. MPI Media Group using the original Zapruder Super 8 film recreated the entire movie by doing frame by frame photography using a medium format camera and then reassembling it back into video, an incredibly tedious and time consuming process. This digital enhancement certainly greatly improves the quality. Had this technology been available at the time of The Warren Commission I doubt that they would have been able to sweep everything under the carpet as they did.

Definitive Proof explores a number of specific frames in the video that show the actual gruesome event, and Dan claims it shows the actual assassin. When I requested a copy of this book to review Dan kindly included a copy of the DVD, and I have to say that without the DVD much of the impact of Dan’s assertions would be lost.

I sat and watched the slow motion recreations of the assassination and even to my untrained eye there is something amiss. The official line is that JFK was shot 3 times by a sniper positioned up high in the Book Depository. In the DVD you can see the first two hits, there is no visible blood, and we start to see JFK slump forward. Hit number 3 the fatal hit is completely different. His head explodes in a cloud of blood and gore and he is thrown backwards. The laws of physics are not right, the shot had to come from the front, and not the back! Also the wound characteristics are so different that bullet number 3 has to be a different type, most likely a ‘hollow point’.

Having explained the mechanics we are then introduced to various pieces of collaborating evidence, that build a very convincing case that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the lone gunman, involved certainly, but assassin almost certainly not.

So who did it I hear you ask? Well I am not going to tell you! You will have to read the book and find out. I do recommend that you also purchase the DVD. Even if you do not agree with Dan you will certainly see that something is just not right. The digital enhancement certainly reveals some details missing from the original. At 115 pages Definitive Proof is a quick read, it gets straight to the point, and stays with the point. Many JFK books wander aimlessly around the various conspiracy theories, this one does not.

You can get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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