“Mormons” Freemasons & Extraterrestrials

I was a little leery when I read the subtitle, it sounded more like a description of Art Bells famed radio program Coast to Coast AM, a conspiracy theorists sand box. However as I had greatly enjoyed Matthew Heines other books detailing his adventures in Oman and Saudi Arabia I threw caution to the wind and settled down on my front porch to discover what possible connection there might be between “Mormons” the wriggly finger mob and good old ET.

Deceptions Of The Ages turned out to be quite an interesting read, a journey through history, well researched and well reasoned. Sure there are a few ‘leaps of faith’ and some speculation, but you find that in every non fiction book.

The one thing that the Mormons, Freemasons and UFO’s do most certainly have in common is mystery. Mystery always breeds speculation, and speculation in turn breeds conspiracy. A great example is the assassination of JFK, I have lost count of the number of books and documentaries I have read or watched on the subject. Some have plausible plots, some are just out and out ridiculous. But as long as you have a situation where there is mystery, you will find speculation and conspiracy theories.

The Mormons are a good example. If you were to ask people at random to write a short description about them you might get something along the lines of:

Founded by some dude named Joseph Smith who found a bunch of gold tablets and wrote his own bible, Silly man lost the tablets so all we have to go on is his word. They all live in Utah, wear funky underwear and have a dozen wives each. Young Mormon teenagers of 16 dress in black pants a white dress shirt and black tie, carry a small briefcase, travel in pairs and knock on strangers doors to elicit new members, particularly young girls in order to maintain the supply of breeding stock.

While most of that statement is untrue, it is the perception. There is an air of distrust about what happens behind the closed doors of the Mormon church, so theories abound.

Perception also plays a big part in thinking about the Freemasons.

Oh, the wriggly finger handshake mob, they cavort naked in their lodges, performing all kind of sexually deviant acts, and form part of the ‘shadow government’, they are the new world order. They used to sacrifice virgins, but the supply of virgins ran out in the 60’s with the sexual revolution.

And of course the always popular UFO. You can blame UFO’s on almost anything. In the 70s I recall working for the Xerox corporation. Phil was a guy that would be late for his own funeral. One morning he tuned up late and while waiting for the elevator a vice present walked in. “late again Weigard” the man remarked, “Yes, so am I” he replied in his Aussie twang. His best one however, occurred a couple of weeks later, when asked why he was late, he explained that he had been on the London Underground and Aliens had abducted him.

Space is a really big place, to think that we are the only planet with life on it is statistically very unlikely. But would an intelligent lifeform want to visit us? We don’t have a unified language, we spend most of our time blowing each other up, watching sitcoms, and generally doing our best to destroy the planet. If I was an alien I certainly would not want to come visit.

The delightful part about the whole extraterrestrial gig is that you can’t prove or disprove it. Some are convinced that it is a huge government cover up.

All three subjects make for great subjects for a book, Mathew Heines takes it one stage further and interconnects them.

I enjoyed the history lesson, particularly that of the Freemasons. Yes I can see how the dots can be traced back to the Crusades and The Knights Templar. It is when you journey further back in time that, for me at least the dots and lines become blurry. We get into the whole Holy Grail discussion, one that made Dan Brown a very rich man with his book The Da Vinci Code. I am also not convinced of the connection of the Freemasons to early Egypt. But many are, so I bow down to more learned people.

Deceptions Of The Ages is a book that I can recommend, however, it will not appeal to everyone. It requires an open mind and an inquisitive nature. Matthew Heines opens some interesting doors, peek behind them if you dare.

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Simon Barrett

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