Professor Jon Cline always tried to help his students. Such was the case with Dana Randall. He taught Romantic Poetry at the University and Dana was in one of his classes. He soon learned as he tutored her outside of class that she was bored and soon to be wealthy once her inheritance come him. As things progressed she started providing the very lonely and single Professor Cline her own brand of personal tutoring in her bedroom.


The middle aged Cline can’t believe the 20 something Dana wants to be with him. Sure, over the years, he has heard all sorts of stories of nubile woman who got involved with their professors. He never believed it would happen to him and she can’t get enough of his help.


Far different than his Sheriff Rhodes series this dark and twisted short story is a good one.  Populated with characters that may annoy some readers and an overarching sense of doom and futility, this is a far different type of read that his other series work. It also contains quite a few twists all the way to the bitter end.


Death’s Brother: A Top Suspense Story

Bill Crider

Top Suspense Group

June 2011

ASIN: B0057P2EJ8


20 Pages (estimated)




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