It was supposed to be a simple flying lesson when Bill Travis and Denise Lipscomb lifted off the runway in Austin for the short flight to the small town of Trantor’s Crossing fifty miles away.  The plan is to practice touch and go landings at the small airport there and then fly back home. Twenty minutes later the flashing red and blue lights at a small airport hangar indicate something is wrong.


It isn’t long before it is clear why the police are at the hangar in such force.  Legendary local Edgar Bristow is dead after being struck repeatedly in the face by a crowbar. For Denise, who had a personal and long history with Mr. Bristow, the murder is a shock. For Bill Travis, despite his obligations at home, the murder and the hunt for the killer are about to be his latest problem.


Unfortunately for Bill Travis, Sheriff Leroy wants his help. Media stories of Bill’s saving the governor’s life and also clearing the name of Texas Ranger Walt Connor means the good Sheriff knows just some of what Bill has done. More than anything, he knows Bill Travis gets the job done. While he wants to help, Sheriff Leroy wants to control everything.  Easier said than done with Bill Travis who tends to be a bit unorthodox at times.


Book five of the series finds Bill once again away from his wife Julie and the family because he manages to get involved in one deal after another. While readers of these novels don’t see that much of the family man side of Bill Travis beyond his amazingly supportive wife Julie and occasional glimpse of Travis with his daughters, more backstory of the Travis character is revealed in this fast moving novel. Along the way there are plenty of observations on Texas life and history as well as plenty of mystery.


Death on the Pedernales continues the solid series that began with The Last Call. Blending lots of action, plenty of mystery, and interesting characters, Texas author George Weir has created another good one in the series.


Death on the Pedernales: A Bill Travis Mystery

George Wier

Flagstone Books

January 2012


(Estimated print length 200 pages)




Material provided by the author some time ago in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2012

Author of the e-book short story collection Mind Slices available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords in a variety of formats.

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