Every book has a target market, there are thrillers, romances, sci-fi, and lots of other genres. The toughest nut to crack though is books aimed at the very young. They have no buying power, so the author must appeal to adults, usually the parents of the very young child. The usual hook is the learning value that the book contains, learning tools are important to parents.

Dear Baby – What I love About You is slightly different from the norm, it won’t be the parents that buy it, but the doting grandparents. It is a delightful little picture book that I am sure any grandparent would just love to read to any very young child, even those way to young to even understand what is being said.

The pictures are bright and simple, a must have for those very young eyes, and growing brain. Illustrator Jason Oransky has done a wonderful job, using a very simple color pallet he still manages to incorporate a great deal of emotion.

As the back cover explains:

Sweet rhymes and playful pictures capture the sheer joy of everyday life with baby. Infants and toddlers will delight in the glowing tropical colors and animated faces.

There is one very unique feature in Dear Baby that really caught my eye, I have never seen it done before, yet it is such a wonderful idea. There is a page titled:

Please sign my baby yearbook so I know who read this to mebaby.JPG
I think this is a delightful idea, what a wonderful keepsake. Most young children’s books get tossed aside as the child out grows them. But by having a list of all those that have read the book to the child will make this a treasured keepsake.

Carol Casey has a web site www.dearbabybooks.com and it was here that I confirmed my grandparent theory:

When Alpharetta resident Carol Casey could not find a book to read to her granddaughter that expressed her feelings, she began writing her own.

Dear Baby is Carol Casey’s and Jason Oransky’s first foray into the literary world, it will be interesting to see what their next project will be.

I think Dear Baby – What I love About You is a delightful divergence from the mainstream of young childrens books. With a cover price of only $6.99 it will hardly break the bank. It is also a very sturdily designed book, and built to withstand whatever an infant can throw at it 🙂 They may have small and very delicate hands, but it is amazing just what those small and delicate hands can do!

You can order your copy of Dear Baby – What I Love About You here.

Simon Barrett

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