Historical fiction is a hard milieu, the author has to weave the fiction around the pesky facts. Many books fail to achieve this intricate mesh. Not so in the case of Deadly Legacy author Rebbeca Camhi, she has produced a work that is so well written that the two aspects, fact and fiction blur in such a fashion as to be almost inseparable. For the ‘fact’ aspect Rebbeca has selected the JFK assassination, this is a subject that has been extensively covered, I myself have reviewed three JFK books in the past year, and also the new digitally enhanced Zapruder home video.

The JFK story is mired in mystery, about the only thing that researchers are in agreement about is that The Warren Commission was a joke, and the second government investigation in the late 70’s was not much better, how can you lose a dead presidents brain? The inconsistencies between know facts, and government facts are huge, and it is within this maze that Rebbeca weaves her tale of how it might have happened.

The conduit to discovery is an unlikely heroin, a 50 year old school teacher Bonnie Rollins, living in West Virginia who to put it lightly, has not had the best cards dealt to her in life. An abusive drunkard for a father, a brother dead at the tender age of 14, and a son lost. Her father Tibb during his life had been nothing short of the devil incarnate, and when Bonnie learns of his death it seems as if a weight has been lifted from her life.

Unfortunately Tibb reaches out from the grave to deliver one more, and maybe the most destructive beating in Bonnie’s life, a two million dollar inheritance, and a key to a bank safe deposit box. Where would a drunken miner who never saved one penny on his life get two million dollars from? And where will the key take Bonnie? Opening the safe deposit box just makes matters worse, Bonnie discovers another key, and a 35 year old used Greyhound Bus ticket from Dallas. What has Tibb done?

This is a riveting read from page one, and I have to give huge kudos to Rebbeca Camhi, she manages to include many of the not so well known people and facts surrounding this huge enigma, and does it in a way that is masterful.

The other problem with historical fiction, is how do you end the book? Everyone knows the story! Well, Deadly Legacy has a very well thought out ending, I’d love to share it with you, but I think you would have more fun reading the book. You can get your own copy of Deadly Legacy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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