If you like action thrillers with just a hint of science this is a book that you will want to pick up. This would make for great vacation reading, grab a beach lounger, a Mai Tai and lose yourself in a wild ride.

What is not to love about a dastardly villain with eyes on world domination, and a small band of good guys trying to prevent Armageddon?

Actually the basis of the plot is quite clever and even sort of has its roots in science fact.

The research arm of a company has developed a device for supposed peaceful purposes, an electronic device they call the Bio-Energetic Tensiometer. In simple terms a device that could be be used to help people relax, much like the subliminal message CD’s found in every New Age shop. However this device also has a more sinister side to it. A quick search around a few DARPA related sites does indeed reveal a large interest in the subject of Electo Magnetic Pulse technology and how it could be weaponized.

Our heroine is Jennifer Chance, a well known motivational speaker employed by Lectures And More, Inc. Our hero is Frank Revere, and ex CIA man, turned environmentalist. Frank had resigned from the CIA following the supposed death of his girlfriend under suspicious circumstances. Five years has passed since the event, yet it still eats at him. Finally deciding to put this event to bed once and for all he sets about going through her belongings to remove them from sight. While exploring her room though he discovers a safe deposit key. What is in the box?

A chance meeting in San Diego with Jennifer Chance creates a friendship and also sets in motion a domino effect. It is the research company ENOCH which is part of Lectures And More, inc, that is the creator of the BET. Alas a public demonstration of the device results in a fatal heart attack for one of the presenters. It is assumed that this was an unfortunate coincidence and garners little attention.

However as time goes by several people begin to see odd patterns of deaths in certain cities. There seems to be little connecting the victims other than they seem to be middle aged, and many are middle or upper managers of companies. Death is caused by heart attack, but many of the victims had no previous medical conditions.

Jennifer holds the key to the puzzle, but the question is, how to unlock the hidden knowledge in her brain.

Deadly Exchange moves along at the speed of light. It is a wonderful piece of action escapism. The excitement starts on page one, and keeps going till the final sentence on the final page. Reality it may not be, but I don’t think that is what Geoffrey Gluckman was attempting, fun and adventure is his goal.

You can order your copy of Deadly Exchange from Amazon. Geoffrey Gluckman also has a web site to accompany the book.

Simon Barrett

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