Sidra Smart has finally received what she wanted—her private investigator license. Approved and fully licensed by the state of Texas, she is now free to investigate anything she wants at anytime and without supervision. The last part is especially important to her as she continues to move on from her former life as a pastor’s wife. At 52, she is relishing her new life and now with her license she has extra incentive to get her office rebuilt. After all, “The Third Eye: Intuitive Investigations” can’t be run out of Annie’s house forever – no matter what Annie thinks.


It’s early June in Southeast Texas and Durwood, one of her first clients back when she was being mentored by George Le’ger comes to see her.  Durwood’s friend, Boo Murphy needs help and Durwood wants Sidra’s professional expertise. According to Durwood, Boo goes squirrel hunting in the swamp every day. Supposedly, one day she saw a pirate ship out there in the swamp somewhere. But, that isn’t why the Sheriff is going after her. No, the investigation is for murder.


Boo’s second cousin, twice removed, and neighbor is Sasha. Sasha had a husband named Zeke who recently made Boo so mad, she fired her gun over his head. She was plenty angry, wanted to scare him, and let loose with her gun. She didn’t think any more about it as it wasn’t that big a deal. That was until Boo took Sasha out where she said saw the pirate ship and instead they found a very dead Zeke with a shirt of Boo’s wrapped around his neck. Obviously, somebody else killed him. Boo is convinced that what she saw out there was the schooner “Hot Spur” one of Jean Lafitte’s pirate ships. If she wanted to kill Zeke, she would have, but she didn’t and that is all there is to it as far as she is concerned.


But, others don’t see it that way. Not only do some think Boo killed Zeke, some folks also think that she found the treasure that legend says was on board the pirate ship. Not only does Sidra need to find that elusive schooner, she also needs to find evidence to clear her client despite the various forces against her. Especially since somebody has taken offense to her interest and keeps trying to kill Sidra.


This third novel in the series picks up quickly after the last one left off with the engaging Sidra Smart. A little more graphic in terms of language and description with each book, Sidra Smart is evolving and shedding more and more of her pastor wife past. While aware of her past mistakes, she is also fully aware of her effect on her new boyfriend and uses all her assets when she wants to. Along with enjoying all the possibilities of her new life, she is a pretty good investigator.


Creating a modern day mystery tale with elements from the colorful history of Texas, recurring characters, plenty of local flavor, Author Sylvia Dickey Smith has penned another very good book in the series. As this is a series with evolving characters, those inclined to read the book should begin with the first novel, “Dance On His Grave” before moving on to the previous book, ‘Deadly Sins-Deadly Secrets.”


Dead Wreckoning

Sylvia Dickey Smith

L & L Dreamspell


ISBN# 978-1-60318-138-9

Trade Paperback


247 Pages


ARC provided by the author in exchange for my objective review.


Kevin R. Tipple © 2009

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