The title is prefaced with A Girlfriends Handbook, and ends with 100 Reasons Why You Should Take Him Back. I was scared when I saw the title. My wife loves to accuse me of things I have not done, and this book seemed to be playing right into her hand.

Of course, as soon as she saw the title she said “Oh I’ll read that one”.

By this time I was scared. Oh my, she is going to find yet new and more creative ways to make my life difficult. What evil could lurk within the pages of this wicked little book?

Normally when I write a review I actually cite passages, and comment on the content. This book is so explosive that I do not feel safe talking about it. My advice to any adult male reading this review is to keep your girlfriend or wife away from it. Nothing good can happen!

As a result of reading this book my wife Jan has forbidden me from leaving the house, unless I am supervised. I can’t even go and check the mail box! I had to walk up the street this morning to buy a stamp, Jan was watching me every step of my way.

The major question in my mind is why did Kim Wiederholt want to bring this purgatory upon us males?

Maybe, the bigger question is, why would a lady want to date a Liar, Cheater, or a Jerk? Thats a complex question, I have seen it so many times, and I can honestly say that I do not understand the female psyche.

I have both praise and criticism for this book. Kim Wiederholt is looking at the problem from an entirely female standpoint, there are plenty of Liars, Cheaters and all around Jerks in the female sector as well. This is not a male dominated arena! I have met a few women that definitely fit into this category. In the praise category, I like the format, this is a book that gives you plenty of room to make your own notes. Every page offers plenty of room where you can write your thoughts. I guess you could call this an interactive work.

My sage advice (or maybe not very sage at all), is that this book would make a great gag gift at any engagement party.

I will not spill the beans on the book, I will let you discover this for yourselves. But be warned, this book is not what you think it might be!

You can pick up your copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett

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