Dark Sacred Night features a team up of Harry Bosh and Detective Ballard who was first introduced in The Late Show. It also marks a sort of passing of the torch as Bosch sees in Ballard much of the same attitudes that powered his law enforcement career since he came home from Vietnam.

As the book opens, Bosch is still working cold cases for the San Fernando Police Department. Detective Ballard witnesses Bosh snooping in the file cabinets in Hollywood Division late one night during her shift and becomes curious as to what Bosch was doing in the station. She learns that Bosch is digging into a nine year old murder case. Back in 2009 a young runaway and prostitute by the name of Daisy Clayton was murdered, cleaned after death with bleach and a brush, and dumped into a dumpster. No one was ever charged with the crime. Bosch is working the case for his own reasons including the fact that he is trying to help the Mother deal with what has happened and find some sort of justice.


Ballard wants to be part of it. Bosch agrees and soon both are working the cold case when they are not individually working their own current case load. Of course, murder and crime never stops so they have plenty to do in other cases.


As long time readers of Michael Connelly know, the author brings an authenticity to his books that few authors can match. Such is the case here in Dark Sacred Night which is billed as a Ballard and Bosch novel. While we learn little more about the Bosch character than we already knew, Ballard is fleshed out a little more. In so doing it is clear that she is partly a female version of Bosch, but she is also clearly her own separate person looking at LAPD and all with her own preconceptions of the world and her place in it. While Bosch is increasingly okay with blurring the lines to take bad guys off the board, she is not yet all the way there with him which sets up potential clashes going forward.


Dark Sacred Night is a mighty good read.







Dark Sacred Night: A Ballard and Bosch Novel

Michael Connelly


Little, Brown and Company Large Print (Hachette Book Group)


October 2018


Large Print Hardback (book is also available in regular print, audio, and digital formats)

560 Pages





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