It was a decade ago that I first encountered Bill Bean and his very disturbing book Dark Force. As a fiction book it would have been a Stephen King bestseller, it however is not fiction, it chronicles the lives of the bean family, mom, dad and three kids between the period 1970-1980.

At center stage is an unremarkable Ranch Style 3 bedroom house in Glen Burnie, Maryland in a community called Harundale. Constructed in the 1940’s it was of utilitarian design and had been designed originally for military families.

For the Bean’s project #1 was to restore the house to its former glory, A ‘walk on the park’ for Bills dad, a licensed contractor. There was little that that the man could not achieve with his two hands. The first thing to go was a rather dilapidated, and to the kids, creepy garden shed.

Almost immediately after moving into the house, odd things would occur, mostly at night, but also during the day. In the beginning the strange sounds were attributed to a friendly ghost that they had named Henry. Unfortunately Henry was anything but friendly. Henry had malice in him. And his victims were the Bean family.

One of my favorite authors is John Le Carre, in his classic spy book Tinker Tailor there is a short section about interrogation’. “You don’t break, you just run out of things to say”. The same coyuld be said of the Bean family, the first to break was eldest daughter Patti, she lft home to get married. Yes she loved the boy, but the driving force was just anything, to move from the evil house.

In what seemed like a shooting gallery, the next victim was Bills father, William Bean Sr. Here was a man that had built up a small but successful company, was well respected in the community and the perfect family man, suddenly transform into a drunken wife beater?

Patti moved out in 73, in 76 William Bean Sr came home one night, left again, and turned up in Florida.

I am old enough to remember the 70’s. Women were free to work, but when children turned up, they became the priority.

Which brings us to Patricia Bean, mom and stable influence on the Bean family. I think it wold be fair to say that this was the person that suffered most. She spent the most time in the house, and witnessed the most events, Slamming doors, faucets turning on and off, strange sounds, and maybe worst of all, the the destruction of the family. There is much more in this book and I encourage readers to check it out. It is easy to say, that the supernatural is bunk, religion is bunk, the earth is flat and the speed of light is a conspiracy started by the Illuminati. Damn I wished I had thought of that, Dan Brown owes Me!

When I read the original version of Dark Force 10 years ago, it disturbed me then, 10 years later it scares the willies out of me!

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